Legoland Discovery Center – Dallas Fort Worth

Have you heard of the Legoland Discovery Centers? Many friends I have spoken to recently didn’t know they even existed.. Say What?! We have friends in the Dallas Forth Worth area that visit Legoland Discovery Center Dallas / Forth Worth often. My kids love to see what new adventures they are up to social media while at Legoland Discovery Center. When we surprised the kids with a trip to Dallas I knew we had to take them to Legoland Discovery Center for the first time!

We love Legos in our house. We love to build with them as a family. Last year they set up a huge Lego exhibit in the local mall so we went down to spend hours looking at the beautiful creations and reading all the facts about how many hours, Legos, etc it took to make each one. If you are like us and like Legos then Legoland Discovery Center is right up your alley!

You start off your time at the discovery center with a little factory tour. Once the doors open after the tour you are fully immersed in all things Lego! Our first stop was taking a ride on Kingdom Quest where you are on a boat shooting your laser gun to earn points! This was fun for the whole family! Once off the ride my kids fully enjoyed earning their ninja belts at the Lego Ningajo City Adventure!
Our day at Legoland Discovery Center included everything from 4D movies, driving large Lego police cars, to making small cars to race down the track, and so much more! Every where we turned there was something else to do or another ride to ride. Many of the Lego exhibits are interactive. My whole family got in on the fun of pressing the buttons to have our StarWars characters battle it out.

We ended our day there by cooling off in the Pirate Beach splash area. They had these awesome foam Legos near the ship that you could use to build forts, towers, or just about anything you wanted. We made some awesome memories on our trip to Legoland Discovery Center. We can’t wait to go back again and the best part is I recently read that San Antonio is getting there very own Legoland Discovery Center in the Rivercenter Mall down town, set to open in 2018! How fun is that?! While we wait for it to be built we will continue to visit the Legoland Discovery Center Dallas / Fort Worth. I recommend planning your trip today, if you haven’t been yet!!

*All views shared here are completely and 100% my own. We were given free admission for 3 people to try Legoland Discovery Center Dallas / Fort Worth out and share out experiences here and on my social media. We paid for the additional 3 family members out of pocket. Everything stated here is our own experience and opinions!