Hairstyle: Half Up Side Pony w/All Up Pony Tail

We were headed out for a short shopping trip and my daughters hair was hanging in her, as usual, since I'm trying to let it grow out (more about her self hair cut soon!). I didn't have much time and I usually try to style her hair after she's taken a bath but wetting her hair had to do this time. We sang "Bringing Home a Baby Bubble Bee" and I had … [Continue]

Chicken Bacon Hashbrown Bake

This is a HUGE family favorite around here! The best part for me is that it is easy to make. I combined to recipes to come up with this one to help with the ease of making it and to make it go further in our family. You can spice it up more by garnishing with lots of different things. We've garnished ours with beans, enchilada sauce, sour cream, … [Continue]

Family Meals The Circus Way

If you had a chance to read through my "About" page you already know a little about my family and our meals. If not let me go into some detail here with you. Let me start by explaining that we recently moved to San Antonio. My parents and youngest brother moved here shortly after and we all live together in a 6 bedroom home. That means that we … [Continue]

Orange Juice & Baking Soda Facial

Hubby and I were up watching mindless tv Monday night after the kids were in bed so I decided to make facial scrub I had seen on Pinterest a couple weeks ago. The blogger used orange juice and baking soda mixture, you can find the her post HERE. I cut an orange we had in half (from Bountiful Baskets) and squeezed it into a glass cup then measured … [Continue]

New Adventures!

Well as you can all see it is official, I have moved my blog to a website!! "Why the new name" you might ask, well let me tell you... I have been calling our family 'the circus' since the birth of our fourth child. It feels like I am the Ring Master of this circus always making sure everyone has what they need when they need it and they are where … [Continue]

Organizing: Command Center

At the entry to my kitchen I revamped our family media center a couple weeks ago by adding a wall calendar, chalk board, hanging files, and pin strips (before and after pic here). Today I found and bought a basket organizer and hanging files to reorganize our command area on the counter next to our fridge. I saw this idea pinned a while … [Continue]

Organizing: Kids Drop Zone

Next up on my organizing list was to create an area the kids could store their back packs/diaper bag, shoes, jackets, and notes/reminders. Again I took to pinterest to help inspire me. With so many great ideas it was hard deciding which we liked most and would work input space. We started by visiting every furniture store to find a bench that would … [Continue]

Organizing: Family Media Center

With all the purging and organizing I've been doing I have been really wanting to streamline areas in our home. I scoured pinterest for some ideas for a family media center. There is so much inspiration on pinterest that it took no time at all to decide what I wanted to do. We picked up a chalk board, dry erase calendar, two hanging files, and a … [Continue]

Re-organizing and Purging: Day 2

A long night with Kangaroo and Monkey running fevers meant we couldn't go to the park with friends today. Instead I worked on getting the kids rooms cleaned and organized. I started in Monkey and Kangaroo's room and closet. I had purchased Monkey a Tinkerbell room accessory kit on sale for cheap this summer. I used a couple bins from the kit … [Continue]

Re-organizing and purging!

After returning from our six week stay staycation in New Mexico I was on a mission to get our house cleaned up, organized and purged! I was afraid it was going to be a slow going process because I had a week full of activities to catch up with friends here in Texas BUT I ended up being stuck at home because Kangaroo and Monkey have a summer cold. … [Continue]