My Circus

Introducing My Six Ring Circus!

Fall 2016



My Husband: The Juggler (Jason) – Constantly trying to juggle work, family, and rest. Yes rest…every good juggler needs lots of rest, right?! He couldn’t hack it as the Ringmaster, so he leaves that task up to me! (Married since 2004!)


mom and dad


My Oldest Son: Funny Clown – Ryan thoroughly enjoys being the center of attention as much as humanly possible. He has many faces but most are extremely happy or extremely sad. Lets just say he couldn’t be a mime!


My Second Son: Cowardly Lion – Dylan completely reminds me of the cowardly lion on the Wizard of Oz. He has always been shy and reserved but he has the BIGGEST heart! However don’t be fooled by this shy lion because if you press his buttons he will give you a mean growl!!


My Only Daughter: Mischievous Monkey (Becca) – Have you ever seen the Curious George cartoon, well George has got nothing on my Mischievous Monkey!! She spends at least 75% of her day getting into things (she is not supposed to) and making messes. The other 25% is spent swinging from our banister and running around the house with her brothers.


My Baby Boy: Jumping Kangaroo (Kaedyn) – Since before he was born he was jumping around, always in different positions on our ultrasounds. Now, as he gets older he is still jumping! He jumped around on his knees before learning to walk, takes every opportunity to climb on the beds and couches to jump, jumps into pools, and loves jumping on the trampoline with his siblings.



My Crazy Circus Kids:

Christmas 15





THE PICTURE OUTTAKES: These are the moments that make me love my life even more than I already do!


Outtake 15

kaedyn and boys