Throwback Thursday- Fun With Friends

While looking through Instagram I came across these photos from a year ago on my friends account of my kids having fun at her house. Look at these sweet faces enjoying their time with friends before we moved.


20130523-075831.jpg My kids miss there friends from Midland so very much. Hopefully we can visit them all very soon.


Throwback Thursday

Precious moments caught in black and white with our little ones in years past. Time flies while they are young…I wish they were all babies still!

Spring 2012


My older two boys when they were 3 months old and 2 years old!

R & D

Summer 2009


#SAGlimpse February Instagram Challenge

I have joined in with other San Antonio Bloggers for the February #SAGlimpse challenge! Each day in February we have a different word(s) to capture and share on Instagram. It is a ‘glimpse’ into our lives.

Here are few of the photos I’ve posted so far this month…

20130206-094534.jpgDay 5- Favorite SA Spot: San Antonio River Walk with friends!

20130206-093900.jpgDay 6- Party Item(s): No party is complete without music! My Pandora party music list!

If you’d like to keep up with the pictures posted of a glimpse into the lives of SA Bloggers search the #SAGlimpse hashtag on your Instagram.