Happiness Is…It’s been a while and I need reminded of Happiness!

It’s been a while since I have linked up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for her weekly #HappinessIS . To be honest life is beyond crazy and just finding a couple minutes to upload pictures to the computer is just not happening for me very often. We are in the process of moving across town this month which means my stress levels are high. So what better time to remind myself of all the Happiness I have right here with my family!

Happiness Is… Licorice for a snack in the car. Having it all over your face and hands!

Licorice on your face!

Happiness Is… Dinner made by my 8 and 4 year old (with little help from me)!!

dinner made by kids

Happiness Is…Chatting on the stairs with this cutie, talking about his day at school!

Talking on the stairs

Happiness Is…Find a rental in a great neighborhood with great schools that we ALL LOVE!!!!

Finding a new rental we all love!

What are your #HappinessIS moments? Sharing these help bring down my stress and anxiety level! Share yours with us too…link up with Crazy Adventures in Parenting or use hashtag #HappinessIS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


Happiness Is ____________ (Series: Week 21)

Another busy week with family and friends here. We LOVE summer because it means spending tons of time with our loved ones! Sharing some of the highlights while linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures In Parenting.

Happiness Is…Getting a behind the scenes tour at Azul in SeaWorld with cousins from out of town!1-IMG_4197

Happiness Is…Making silly faces at dinner with family visiting from out of town.1-IMG_4220

Happiness Is…Coloring with Grandma at the museum!1-IMG_4230

Happiness Is…Doing the 5k Color Me Rad race with your good friend that is visiting!1-IMG_4264

Happiness Is…And including all eight of our kids in the run with us! Boy was it fun to get color all over us…not so much fun to clean up, haha!~1-IMG_4303

Happiness Is…Seeing some of your favorite characters at SeaWorld.1-IMG_4324

Happiness Is…Eating Dip N’ Dots while watching the Shamu Rocks show! (Yes we LOVE SeaWorld! Yes we visit as much as we can and use any family or friends visiting as a great excuse to go!)1-IMG_4329

What made you happy this week?

Share your #HappinessIs moments with us!


Happiness Is_______ (Series: Week 20)

Well I was not on the ball last week and missed linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for her Happiness Is Series. I did have #HappinessIs moments just didn’t get any extra time to write out a post to share them. Anyhow I am back this week to share all our #HappinessIs for the last two weeks.

 Happiness Is…Playing in Shaving Cream on a summer morning! 

1-IMG_4112-001Happiness Is… Going for a round of Putt Putt with the family on a Saturday afternoon!


Happiness Is… Water Wars with Papa and Daddy! 1-IMG_41371-IMG_4138

Happiness Is… Using water, sand, play dough and goop to discover new things at the library.1-IMG_4152

Happiness Is… Receiving new books at the library. San Antonio Public Library have some great programs and activities this summer, go check them out!  1-IMG_4156Happiness Is… Braving Aquatica myself with all four kids for many hours of fun in the sun!


What are your #HappinessIs moments this week? I’d love to know what things make your heart happy!


Happiness Is ___________ (Series: Week 19)

This week we’ve celebrated some big milestones…. The end of the school year. Beginning of summer break. AND my husband and I’s 9 year wedding anniversary TODAY!

Happiness Is… Award ceremony night at school.


Happiness Is… Last day of school!


Happiness Is… Dinner at the Magic Time Machine to celebrate the beginning of summer!


Happiness Is… Being married for 9 years to your high school sweetheart and love of your life!! We celebrated with dinner at The Chart House in The Tower of Americas, ride on the river walk and a movie!


What is your #HappinessIs this week? Go stop in at Crazy Adventures in Parenting to see what #HappinessIs moments Lisa is sharing this week!


Happiness Is___________ (Series: Week 18)

We are in our last week of school, YAY! The countdown to summer break is in full swing. I can’t wait for summer…I may be eating those words in a few weeks. In the meantime we are busy with end of the year activities. This morning my sons folder went missing. We’ve not lost a single paper or folder all year and today one goes missing…the one with his homework in it. So my #HappinessIs moment this morning was finding that folder in my van hidden in a compartment!!

Check out Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting to see what her #HappinessIs this week and to find links to other blogs who linked up with her!

Here is my busy week Happiness Is…

Happiness Is…Swimming on a hot day! (Check out my post tomorrow about why we LOVE Splashtown SA!)


Happiness Is… Playing at a bounce place while your big brothers are at a musical.


Happiness Is.. Putting scratch and sniff stickers all over your knees at the grocery store!


What were your Happiness Is moments this week? Are you kids out of school? Enjoying summer and all it has to offer yet??

Check back next week for another great Happiness Is post!


Happiness Is __________ (Series: Week 17)

I am slow getting this week’s #HappinessIs up because I am playing catch up on laundry after spending a four day mini-vacation with my family in Houston. The amount of laundry that piles up with a family of six, over a long weekend getaway is no fun (especially when half is swim suits and towels covered in sand from the beach). But alas I am sharing my Happiness Is_____ Moments from this last week.

Happiness Is…Being with all my goslings at the Houston Zoo.


Happiness Is…Practicing your swimming skills in the tunnel through the fish aquarium.IMG_3616.JPG
Happiness Is… Lunch at Kemah Island’s Aquarium Restaurant with my family.


Happiness Is…Burying each other in the sand.

Happiness Is… Riding the carousel with daddy in Galveston.
Happiness Is… Playing with the water works at the Children’s Museum of Houston.

This is a series link up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting. Have you stopped by her page to see what her #happinessis? Also check out the other link ups at the bottom of her post!


Happiness Is __________ (Series: Week 16)

In light of all tragic tornado taking lives, homes, and so much more in its path I wanted to send my deepest sympathy out to all that have been effected. Along with our thoughts and prayers my family and I will be donating to the Red Cross and other organizations that are providing food and homes to those in need.

I feel incredibly blessed to have my family to hug and kiss right now. I want to share some of the moments that make up all the reasons I have to be happy. I am linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for this great series she has going! Go check out her week 20 HappinessIs! Here is my week 16 #HappinessIs moments…

Happiness Is… Swinging on the swings at the park.


Happiness Is…Running in the sprinkler.


Happiness Is…Becoming a mini chef for the day with Kidgets!


Happiness Is…Getting help from your big brother to see all the Lego creations at the new Lego Store in San Antonio!


Happiness Is…Playing in the kiddie pool on a hot morning.


Happiness Is…Holding my sweet baby boys hand as we walk up the stairs even though he has mastered walking up and down them all by himself.


What has reminded you of your Happiness this week? I sure am counting my blessings right now, how about you?





Happiness Is__________ (Week 15 in Series)

Lots going on this week here at my house but I wanted to pause a minute to show you my #Happiness Is… moments. This is an ongoing weekly series that Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting has going. If you are a blogger you should think about linking up too. If not or really either way you should hop on over and check out all the #HappinessIs posts this week!

Happiness Is…Recieving lots of love and wonderful gifts from my husband and kids for Mother’s Day!


Happiness Is…Playing at the Zoo!


Happiness Is…Getting all the older boys to play your game of “vacation” including purses and dolls!


Happiness Is…Being silly with your sun glasses.


I really love hearing all about your Happiness Is… moments so share them in the comments below! Hope you have a week full of more HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY moments of your own!


Happiness Is ___________ (Series- Week 14)

It is Wednesday so that means it’s time for this weeks edition of #HappinessIs! I am linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for her series and link up.

Happiness Is… Using HEB Buddy Bucks to get more points for your book each week while grocery shopping.


Happiness Is… Riding bikes and scooters with daddy.


Happiness Is… Getting little wild flowers every day from my sweet kids.


Happiness Is… Playing in the lake after a picnic on a Saturday!


Happiness Is… Finding my wedding ring right where I left it (after I thought it may have been lost) and Jamberry Nails that I get TONS of compliments on!! 


Happiness Is… A visit from our Granny! Granny is my mom’s mom therefore one of several Great Grandparents my children are blessed to have. (My children still have Great GREAT Grandparents alive!)

20130508-083720.jpg       20130508-083726.jpg

Happiness Is… Finding your new baby cousins toes! K just loves babies especially because they all have TOES! 


Happiness Is… A family walk around the neighborhood after dinner.


What were you #HappinessIs moments this week? I’d love to hear them or have you link up with Lisa too!!





Happiness Is ________ (Series- Week 13)

I am back from my fun moms weekend in Vegas. It was nice to have that time to regroup as a mom/wife but I missed my family and couldn’t wait to get home to hug and kiss them all!

Linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for another fun week of #HappinessIs.

Happiness Is…Sitting on your tractor while singing Old McDonald Had a Farm!20130430-234545.jpg

Happiness Is… Laying out by the pool all day relaxing and reading magazines on vacation.20130430-234552.jpg

Happiness Is… Having Sushi with friends in Las Vegas!20130430-234559.jpg

Happiness Is… Yummy desserts in fun little containers.


Happiness Is… Dinner and a show with some of the best friends a girl could ask for!20130430-234616.jpg

Happiness Is… Singing 80s songs all night with a great band of nerds in Las Vegas! 😉20130430-234623.jpg

What things brought you Happiness this week? I’d love to hear all about them PLUS you can link up with Lisa too!