Happiness Is…. Finally back at this!

After slacking off all summer of linking up with Lisa, at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, I am back! The week has been full of getting back into the routine of school but we are off to a great start. Here are our #HappinessIs moments this week…

Happiness Is… Going back to school! We love our 1st grader’s new charter school and my 3rd grader loves homeschooling this year! The younger two start school next week!

back to school time

Happiness Is… Finding not one but two purses I like at Khol’s on sale and using my Khol’s cash!! $26 for both of these is a steal of a deal (which was my birthday money from early this month)!

new purses

Happiness Is.. Jif Chocolate Silk Peanut Butter with Pretzels for an afternoon snack!

jif and pretzels

Happiness Is… Finding a dress you wore as a baby, putting it on yourself, and showing mom how much you’ve grown in 3 years!

baby dress

What are you #HappinessIs moments? Did your kids go back to school…was that HappinessIs moment for you or sad day?

Hope you all have a great week full of lots of Happy Moments!!


Funnies Said On The Road

1-states 2

During our road trip we jotted down all the funny stuff said by the kids. They will make great memories for our kids later in life.

Now these may not seem all that funny to you without the full story but believe me when I tell you these were all HILARIOUS when you’ve been on the road for hours. I’ve also included some fun little awards for each of the five kids on our road trip!

Best Paci Passenger

“I swallowed it! I swallowed it WHOLE! The whole candy!”

“Don’t forget to buy the BUTT stuff for Ryan!”


“Where’s my mom’s shoes?!?!”

“Mom I can smell the cough drop and it smells soooo gooood!”


“There is an airport RIGHT THERE! Why didn’t we just fly here?!?”

You had my flip flop? What were you doing with my flip flop? Were you hiding it? Huh? Huh?”


The next time your on a road trip take a little notebook to jot down all the funny stores and stuff said!



5 Reasons We WILL Be Buying Season Passes To Splashtown San Antonio!

SplashtownSAThis past Saturday my family and I had the pleasure of going to the newly renovated Splashtown San Antonio. I was invited as part of a San Antonio bloggers meet up with 4 complementary tickets into the park and shared use of a picnic area and two cabanas. Given the size of my family we had to purchase a few extra tickets to accommodate us but with the current promotion of bringing one Big Red product for $9.99 off a single day ticket, it only cost us just over $40 for two tickets.

Now onto the 5 reasons my family has decided we will be buying season passes to SplashtownSA!

5. Affordable prices. With a day prices of $29.99 each and LOTS of coupons and discounts offered all season long. They also have great season pass prices. You can see all there rates here.
4. Newly remodeled! They have recently gave the park a face lift with some new paint, lockers, repaved, and fun events planned like Dive In Movies this summer!
3. Safe fun! With FREE life jackets and trained lifeguards my family spent the day having a splashing time all while being safe.
2. Something for everyone! With over fifty rides there is something to appeal to everyone. The size of the park is also great; not too big, not too small.
1. Very kid friendly! My children range from 1 years old to 8 years old. My oldest boys were able to ride every ride in the park, while my toddler and preschooler still had a HUGE variety of slides and pools to play in.

Finding a water park that makes everyone in my family happy the entire 6 hours we are there is no easy task but Splashtown San Antonio did just that! The most talked about thing we liked was the temp of the water, it was perfect! (Cause little ones do not like cold water.) During our visit we actually lost track of time and ended staying until the park closed. My kids were planning their next trip there as we walked out of the gates.

Enjoying a break to eat nachos!

Enjoying a break to eat nachos!

Enjoying ice cream in the cabana.

Enjoying ice cream in the cabana.

We all scream for ice cream!

We all scream for ice cream!

Have you visited Splashtown SA yet? If not I suggest you plan on it this summer!

**All views here are mine. I was not asked to write a post about Splashtown but after all the fun we had I wanted to share my thoughts and views of the park for others who may be interested in visiting the park.** Signature

Throwback Thursday: Birthday Boy Week 3

My little Dilly Bug will be 6 in five short days. He has been waking each night complaining of leg cramps which normally means he is growing. Bitter sweet for this mama. I want him to grow big and strong but I also want him to stay 5.

Here are three pictures of his 1 year pictures…

1-D13 1-D14

I love his smile in this picture below!!1-D15
He was about to turn 2 years old in this picture…
1-D18-001My boy is 3 years old in these pictures…


1-D20Isn’t he so handsome?!





Things That Change With Each Child

Kids Change Your ParentingSo all of you that have two, or more children I think you will easily relate to this. These moments have trickled up in my life recently and they just make me laugh each time I look back on how we handle situations so differently as parents now that we have four children. We love each of our kids equally and we want them all to be equally healthy but we have learned through trial and error what things require our biggest efforts and what things we can give in a little on. Now I know why they last child of most families is viewed as “spoiled”…because parents adapt and ease up on their parenting techniques with each child.

Here are the discoveries I’ve found in our family…

The bonked head-

  1. First child bonks his head you rush them to the ER.
  2. Second child bonks their head you take them to the pediatricians office.
  3. Third child bonks their head you call the Dr and give them Tylenol.
  4. Fourth child bonks their head, you kiss their boo boo, make sure they are responsive and let them down to play again!

The Pacifier-

  1. 1st child we took the Paci away at 9 months so he wouldn’t get attached.
  2. 2nd child we took it away at 11 months.
  3. 3rd child…we tried hard for three months to get her to take a Paci but she insists on her thumb but we only let her suck it at night and nap.
  4. 4th child still has his Paci at 18months, uses it at night and nap and when sick, no plans to take it away at this point.

Introducing food & sweets-

      1. With our first we waited until he was 6 months before introducing foods and 11 or 12 months before we gave him any sweets.
      2. Our second child was introduced foods around 5 months and sweets at about 10 months old.
      3. Then our third wanted table food as we began introducing baby food around 4 months and ate sweets by 8 months old.
      4. And with our fourth…he never really ate baby food but we introduced table food & baby food around 4 months and he was eating sweets by 6 months old. **Side note: His older sister actually gave him goldfish crackers around two months but we caught her and promptly took the food out of his mouth, which made him mad.**

(When I say sweets I mean the occasional lick of our whipped cream, dab of chocolate off of our finger, and taste of ice cream…we didn’t go hog wild with sweets. LOL)


      1. 1st child slept in our room until 2 months when he insisted on sleeping in his crib alone in his room. I would nurse him in the night in his room in the rocking chair then promptly put him back in his crib.
      2. Our 2nd child slept in our room until 4 months before that he slept in the bassinet next to our bed until he couldn’t fit in it. I would nurse him in our room in a chair and return him to his crib at about 6 months old.
      3. 3rd child… we waited until 6 months to move her to a crib in her own room. I would nurse her in my bed in the night and sometimes take her back to bed and sometimes just leave her depending on if my husband was working that night or not.
      4. But with our 4th well he moved to a crib at 8 months in his room but would wake often to nurse and would end up in our room in the pack-n-play. I always nursed him in our bed and more often than not he would end up staying in our room after eating. He still goes through stages when he wakes up at night hysterical and only wants me, at 18 months, and to keep the house from erupting in wakefulness and for my own sanity I put him in my room to sleep. It bugs my husband but I really just want to sleep, I could give a care less where the kids are sleeping.

It’s amazing how things change with each child. What things have changed for you? Or are you consistent with your parenting through each child born??


Mommy/Daughter Date Day

20130408-231307.jpgIn an effort to spend more quality time with each of our four children we have started to take them on a date. Here is how we have organized it..

➡They each get one day a month for their date.
➡Each child may pick any adult (mom, dad, or grandparents) to go with them.
➡The child picks the activity and meal place too.

Last week my daughter wanted me to take her on a date. She chose to go see The Croods movie. (My second son chose this exact thing the Saturday prior but I didn’t mind seeing it twice on my kids dates.)

She really wanted popcorn and m&m’s for the movie so I let her buy some. That was a huge treat for her!

After the movie she was still hungry so she chose to eat at the little diner next door to the theater. I ordered the BLT and fries pickles while she chose a corn dog and fries. We played arcade games while we waited for our food.


It was a FANTASTIC mommy/daughter date! She really enjoyed having my undivided attention and I enjoyed talking with her one on one. I am glad we started this new tradition. I really plan to continue these dates until they leave for college (maybe a tad ahead of myself here but a mom can dream).

Do you go on dates with your children? What things do you go do on your dates?Signature

Throwback Thursday: My Birthday Boy Turns 6 in April

My second son turns 6 on April 23rd. I am going to use every Thursday in April to post throwback pictures of him! I love to look at baby pictures of my kiddos. It is amazing to see how much they have grown in such a short period of time.1-Dylan1






Spring Break Wrap Up: Lots of Activities to do in San Antonio

We enjoyed a busy fun spring break week with my hubby having a couple days off and my in-laws visiting us from New Mexico. I spent last week posting about the activities we found to do in and around San Antonio. Below is a wrap of the activities my family enjoyed over spring break! If you are looking for activities for this summer these posts offer some great ideas!

Austin Weekend Trip (with great finds at IKEA!)

Laser Tag at the park, need I say more?!!

A day spent at the Witte Museum & Roller Skating

Fun at an Indoor Playground & then a round of Mini Golf

Plus on Friday before spring break we visited Sea World with our passes and here are my Top 10 Tips to a great day at Sea World!


Pinterest Fail: Stacked Kids

I am sure many of you have seen the “stacked kids” photo circulate on Pinterest. It is stinkin’ adorable and I knew I had to try it from the first time I pinned it. When my baby turned 1 year old last fall I put all the kids in fun slightly coordinating outfits (that I learned how to pick out from other pins on Pinterest), then we headed across the street to the school yard field for a quick sunny day photo op.

Stacked Kids Fail

Here is my FAIL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^! Getting kids to lay still while you lay another child on them oldest to youngest is NO easy task. After trying AND failing, I realized that it was a bad idea to try to stack my kids putting the youngest on top of a wobbly pile of squirming older siblings. Not to mention the oldest kid being squashed at the bottom.

BY THE WAY: I love all their faces…it goes from “Ahh, get them off of me!”, to “I could lay here all day.”, to “NO, I don’t want squished between BOYS!” to “What is going on here?” THEN there is my husband who was sure it was a FAIL as soon as I mentioned it. HAHAHA!

I did get a couple great photos of my kids that afternoon with other great tips I had found on blogs through Pinterest but I won’t likely be trying the ‘stacked kids’ picture ever again. Thought I’d share the photos I love from that day!

Kids-September 2012

Kid photo- Sept 12I was so proud of myself for having four completely different outfits for my children that all tied together with the bright green! Yay me for throwing this together last minute and following the “not to matchy matchy” pins I read all the time!