Ribbon Cutting @ IDEA South Flores

1-IDEA Ribbon CuttingLast Friday I had the pleasure of attending IDEA South Flores’ Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. We were welcomed by the scholars and teachers with a fun “SoFlo” cheer! It certainly set the tone for this great event. The speakers included IDEA South Flores 6th grade ambassador, IDEA Founder & CEO Tom Torkelson, Mayor Julian Castro, and IDEA SA regional director Rolando Pasado. David Robinson, who founded The Carver Academy which partnered with IDEA Public Schools, was unable to make it to the event but he made a special video just for us to watch. The children were all wide eyed during the ribbon cutting ceremony as they saw the large size of the scissors used for such an occasion!

It was great to see the school alive and in action, so to speak. The walls of the hallways were filled with beautiful bulletin boards. The children were all walking 5 and 1 through the halls, eager to get to their next class to learn. The grass is green, trees are planted, and the playground looks like a fun place to explore at recess. It is amazing what a little time and attention can do for a school and it’s students!Go Owls!

After the ceremony ended parents were welcomed with a reception complete with goodie bags full of IDEA Public School items and food…some shaped like an owl. I was most excited about my new IDEA parent t-shirt! The parents took a “Founding Family” picture before leaving for the day. Oh, we also got to take pictures with Hooty the Owl…which was one of the highlights of my children’s’ day! Go Owls!!

Future IDEA Scholars

We are eager to see what all IDEA Public Schools has in store for San Antonio after already seeing the positive impact they’ve had on our family! Read more about the IDEA Public Schools expansion plan for San Antonio announced at the ribbon cutting HERE.

(You can read about our choice to put our 1st grader in IDEA South Flores HERE.)


Anticipation and wait is over…preschool has STARTED!

1st day of prekMy youngest two had to wait almost two weeks after their older siblings started school to start preschool AND IT ALMOST DID US ALL IN! They were so anxious to go to school they made me take them everywhere with their back packs on. Every night they would beg me to lay their school clothes. Finally after talking/prepping them for the big day it arrived!

They spent all morning to excited to want to eat. We left the house way earlier than needed. Arrived at the school where they took a picture in front of the cute chalk board the director made. Then headed off to their classrooms. Where they both FROZE! They didn’t cry but they clung to dad and I as we tried to get their items put in their cubbies.

Becca was a little more receptive to letting go of us once we started saying good bye (probably because she has done this before). She ended up getting a ‘star’ sticker for sharing and being helpful in class. Actually every day they tell me how pleasant she is in class!….I’d love to see that girl at home…just saying… She is doing great an the worksheets and projects during class too! Oh and she already has like 3 songs memorized from circle time and she has only been to school 3 days…one smart cookie I have!

Kaedyn on the other hand was not really wanting us to leave but also wasn’t upset…just nervous. I played by him for a minute then when he was distracted I walked out and said “Love you, bye”. He didn’t say anything back nor did they have any problems with him crying during the day. He had one potty accident at school but other than that was PERFECT! Every school day since then he has not had any accidents and has been great! They have no complaints and say he is very pleasant in class, helpful, follows directions and NAPS! (All preschool teachers love napping kids! 😉

1st day collage

I LOVE this collage I made. In the middle row you can see at the top Kaed is asking Becca what her sign says. The next one down she is telling him. The bottom row is from their actual first day. The other photos in front of the bush were taken on meet the teacher night because I was afraid I’d forget to have them hold their signs the morning of their 1st day.

You can read all about the older two’s first day of school HERE and where I found these cute picture signs! PLUS how my oldest homeschooling is coming along HERE. Also read about why we chose a charter school for our son HERE!

Drying Artwork at Home

My daughter LOVES to paint. She spends hours painting daily. Every day I run into the same challenge…where do I dry all her beautiful paintings. I’d rather not clutter the counters with her work. If left on the table my youngest will touch them or throw them on the ground. Last week when she was on one of her 2 hour painting sprees I found a great solution…

Use clothespins to clip them to the blinds!

Simple way to dry paintings

This is working like a charm! I can hang them up high so no little fingers get tempted to touch or pull them. They can fully dry. PLUS she gets to admire her work all day while they dry! Win, win situation!

Homeschooling: Early Successes

I may eat my words later but so far homeschooling Ryan is going great! Most days he is busy from 7am (when Dylan leaves for school) until 3pm, with an hour for lunch and hour of playtime.

Hands on learning.

We are doing a combination of online, work book, and hands on curriculum (read more about it here). Yesterday he asked if he could read a few extra poems because he loves poetry. Then during his writing activity he wrote a shape poem in the shape of his hand. Today and yesterday he read about eyes, ears, & nerves in science/health which prompted him to do 3 experiments. He started a music lesson yesterday. This morning he asked if he had to wait a whole week to do another music lesson because he wanted to do it daily!

Things I’ve already seen him learn in 2 1/2 short weeks:

  • Half the cursive alphabet.
  • Several different types of poetry…writing his own poetry.
  • All about woodwind & brass instruments.
  • Typing with both hands…he knows the whole keyboard just working on speed.
  • Manners- table & social. (Needs to work on exhibiting both.)
  • Knows all about Christopher Columbus, John Smith, & Pocahontas.
  • Learning states, capitals, & facts about states.
  • Listening and sound exp.

I obviously have no way of knowing how much he would have learned in a charter school by now. However I can tell you he has learned tons more in this time than he would have in our neighborhood public school. He is going to take a couple kids cooking classes with other homeschoolers which he is excited about! We are making plans to meet other homeschoolers in our area. Taking field trips in the coming weeks. Plus we hope to get him and Dylan is a sport soon.

I would say overall homeschooling was the best choice for him this year!Playing is learning.