DIY Upcycled Doll Table

DIY Upcycled Doll Table

DIY Upcycled Doll Table from Chick-fil-A soup containers!

My family LOVES Chick-fil-A! When I say love I mean we probably eat there once a week. We all have our favorites and then we have our seasonal favorites! I absolutely love eating the Chicken Tortilla Soup from Chick-fil-A at this time of year. It is so rich in flavor and I like the spice it has! 

Chick-fil-A Soup

We were challenged to use our Chick-fil-A soup containers to upcycle. My kids and I threw around many ideas as to how we wanted to upcycle these containers. The winner was my daughters idea to use the containers as a table for her dolls! She has several 18″ dolls that she enjoys playing with daily. Santa even brought her a Jeep and travel trailer for Christmas. She has some furniture for her dolls but she didn’t have a table for them to enjoy their own tasty treats. 


We were able to make this table with a few easy steps! First we cut off the corners of two bowls and a lid. Then we glued the two open sides of the bowls together with hot glue. Next we glued the lid on the base of one of the bowls to make a table top. Last we spray painted it teal to give it a pop of color. Let it dry for a couple hours and presto chango the dolls have a great little table to enjoy their afternoon snack!

Upcycled Doll Table

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Display

It’s that time of year again!~CHRISTMAS TIME!~ I love everything about Christmas. I also love to have so many traditions with my children. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do an Advent Calendar this year but my children convinced me it is a tradition we can not stop for many years to come (or ever in their eyes)! I’m happy to continue the tradition and was more pleased to hear so many memories they have surrounding our past years advent calendar!


Before I share the calendar of events we will be doing this year I wanted to share my new advent calendar display. I picked up an Advent Garland Kit from Hobby Lobby. It came with the twine, mini clothes pins, and numbers. **If you’d like to make this you could easily use construction paper or craft paper to cut squares or circles and place sticker numbers on the front side, leave blank on the back. The dollar store carries mini clothes pins and twine or string.** I wrote each days advent on the back of the corresponding number. (I wrote #1’s advent on the #1 card this year rather than counting down from 25 to 1).


I knew I wanted a frame to tie the string and display the cards. While at an antique store a couple weeks ago I came across some old window frames. The glass was broken out, it was painted green already and it was the perfect size for my new Advent Calendar Display!

Christmas Countdown 2014

I washed it, added some branches, berries and ribbon I had from a past Christmas display. What do you think? I absolutely love it! Honestly any picture frame or frame would work for this display and still look beautiful. It would also look great to string it on your mantel. So get creative and have fun with this inexpensive but beautiful display!

December 2014 Advent Calendar

Here is our 2014 Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar!!

*The Excel Spreadsheet has links to the activities we are doing. Just click on any italic words for links to that project or activity!*

I shared lots of alternate ideas in the Notes section at the bottom of the calendar. You could easily swap out things that your family isn’t able or wanting to do with other fun festive ideas. If you need more ideas you can see my Advent Calendar from last year AND follow my Christmas Board on Pinterest! 

Merry Christmas!

Throwing a Snowman Soup Party!

Snowman Soup Party

Back in 2006 I found a group for stay at home moms in my area. (I joined the group which became a huge part of my life and how I met most of my friends.) One of the first events I attended was called “Snowman Soup Party” hosted at the then presidents home. I was VERY curious as were all the other moms to what “snowman soup” was. We lived in NW New Mexico so we did get snow but we hadn’t had any recently so I wasn’t sure how this soup was going to taste.

I showed up and low and behold my friend had a huge pot of Hot Cocoa on her stove! Then next to the stove was an assortment of fixings to put your “Snowman Soup” together. This event became a tradition within our group and our home! Now each year during the month of December I hold a Snowman Soup Party!

Here are a few ideas for you to try for your own Snowman Soup Party!

Items needed:

  • Hot Cocoa
  • Hot Water 
  • Candy Canes (his scarf)
  • Mini Marshmallows (snow men)
  • Hersey Kisses or Bells (top hat)
  • M&M’s (buttons)
  • Mugs
  • Friends & Family!

Optional items:

  • Snowman coloring pages (I used THESE found at Crazy Adventures in Parenting)
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • White Construction Paper
  • Crayons

This year each child was able to color some snow man pages. Make a craft snowman (like this one from There’s Just One Mommy) with cotton balls and construction paper. While listening to ‘Frosty the Snowman’ in the back ground. Sometimes we sing “Once there was a Snowman” and other silly snowman songs we find online.

snowman soup

Every year I do this and every year I am so happy with the outcome. This fun little tradition has helped bring in lots of new friends to my house to try a new activity and my children enjoy it immensely so I don’t foresee us stopping this tradition any time soon! 

So the question is… How do you like your snowman soup??

Check out other fun things to do this winter with my Advent Calendar!

Back to School: First Day of School Pictures

I am one of those moms that takes a picture on the first and the last day of school every year. Yes, I also make them hold a corny sign so that I can document what grade they were going in to. My kids humor me by doing it every year and likely to for many years to come!

Here are our first day of school pictures this year…Back to school photosBack to school photo

I found this personalized printable sign over at One Sweet Party.

Also a great contender for the sign we used this year was this fun chalk board sign from Designs by Nicolina.

I’ll share of end of the school year pics next year! In the meantime follow my “School Days” board on Pinterest to keep up with all things school!

On to how the first day went for my older boys… 
My oldest, Ryan, is being homeschooled by me this year. Despite having to sit in two waiting rooms for three hours for labs and X-rays for him the first morning of school, we were able to come home eat lunch and put a full days work in. He completed the entire school day from noon to 2:45 including 30 minutes of riding bikes! He is really eager to do his work. He is loving the curriculum I have chosen (Easy Peasy All In One Homeschooling, A Beka and Writing Cursive Without Tears). We’ll see how things progress in the coming days but I am impressed with his first day of school!

Ready for IDEA Public Schools

My first grader, Dylan, is attending IDEA Public School which is a charter school this year. He was a little sad in the morning but after a pep talk he was ready to go to school. Drop off was a breeze! I got a text during the day from his teacher asking if he was being picked up or going to after school care, I told her I’d always pick him up.

Pick up was a NIGHTMARE! There was 6 lanes of traffic in three directions backed up for three city blocks! School lets out at 3:45, I arrived at 3:10 where I was a block away from the school sitting in line. Cars were swerving and weaving around the backed up traffic and people were running across the street (not at the cross walk) almost getting ran over. Finally at 4:15 I started to move…one very slow car length at a time. At 4:45 I was finally at the school pick up area to get my son. A WHOLE HOUR AFTER SCHOOL WAS LET OUT! (Lots of kids coming out of the school in tears at this point…my son not crying but sad I wasn’t there an hour before.) Now some have recommended I park and walk to pick him up but our school does not allow that. Also some said I should wait until a few minutes after school lets out to go and get him…I’d love to only I was in the middle of this pick up line…which means other parents behind me or at the end of the line had to wait until after 5pm to get their kids from school…that is just CRAZY!

They can't wait to start school

These two are so anxious to start school…September 10th can’t get here soon enough!


Back to School: Teacher Gifts

It is back to school time here in Texas. That means we have “meet the teacher” this week. I’ve decided to start the year on a great note by taking each of my kids teachers a gift.

I grabbed $2 insulated cups at Wal-Mart and three small bags of candy (Snickers, Mounds, & Almond Joys) for a total of $23 for 6 teacher gifts (making these cost only about $4 each!). Didn’t they turn out cute?!

Teacher gifts for back to school week!

I found the cute tags to go along with the gift at Lil’ Luna. My gift inspirations were these two; “Mounds of Fun Teacher Gift” and “Snickers and Joy Gift Idea“.

If you are looking for a gift tag that is personalized with the grade of your child(ren) and can encompass a number of gifts here is a great one, Back to School Teacher Gift, at The Crafted Sparrow! (For my little brothers teacher gifts we picked up $2 insulated cups and a bag of mixed chocolates then used the gift tag from The Crafted Sparrow!)

I also came across this great blog post on Happy Home Fairy with a round up of budget friendly back to school teacher gifts! Most of these are items you have in your pantry or desk drawer that you could print up a gift tag and send with your child the first day of school or meet the teacher night!

There are endless ideas on Pinterest for all your back to school needs. You can follow my School Days board for all the back to school goodness!~

Making Little Valentines

val-craft.jpgLast year we helped each of our older three children make homemade Valentines for their class and family. This year I just couldn’t wrap my head around it all in time and being in a new school now we didn’t know if they’d exchange Valentines. Then last Monday while out grocery shopping we came across these cute do-it-yourself heart Valentines at Walmart.

20130213-120818.jpg 20130213-120825.jpg20130213-120832.jpg

It came with decorations to decorate thirty hearts that included the large interlocking foam hearts, colored small hearts, and glittered dots. This kit was perfect for my children to create Valentines for our family members. The ease of creating them was catered to each age…my 3 year old just stuck hearts and dots all over her hearts, while my older 5 & 7 year old boys created adorable bugs, sayings, patterns and more!

val-craft2.jpgval-craft5.jpgThe large hearts interlock so when mailing them to Grandpa and Grandma we locked two together in a large envelope and mailed them! We did the same when sending to aunts and uncles and cousins. My kids created Valentines for an hour with this one kit! They were proud of their creations and couldn’t wait to gift them to others! Worth every penny spent here!

val-craft4.jpgval-craft3.jpg** (You can also find these kits and many more at is not a review or endorsement…just a mom that found something she loved and decided to share with others!**









Advent Calendar: Ice Hangings

Today’s activity with the kids is one that I saw in Family Fun magazine. We took out all of our Christmas cookie cutters and placed them in a cake pan, strung a string through each cookie cutter, added some cold water and placed the pan in the freezer for a couple of hours. Once they were frozen we ran the pan under a little hot water to break the ice free from the cookie cutters. Then I got a long stick, tied the ice hangings along the stick, and hung the stick on our back porch.

We put the stick in a place where the boys can see their ice hangings from our back door each day! This was a fun, simple activity that I plan to do again and again!!

(A FEW THINGS WE LEARNED: The simple cookie cutters were easiest to get the ice out of without cracking them…we accidental broke Rudolph’s antlers off and his head was hanging separately from his body…oops. And it would have been neat to have a little color so I would add a few drops of food coloring next time.)




Advent Calendar: Luminarias

We made an advent calendar for the month of December with an activity on each day to celebrate winter/Christmas. Over the last week we have; made a snowman craft, sang Christmas carols, visited Santa at the mall, enjoyed family free night at the Festival of Trees, watched a Christmas movie, and drove through the Luminarias at San Juan College. Here are some pictures of the kids riding in the van through the display and pictures of the display. I’ll update this next week after we have spent this week enjoying more activities!