Growing Together: Fun Gardening Projects for the Whole Family


My family has a raised garden in our back yard. My children love choosing which vegetables we will plant in it each year. We all work together to water, weed and take care of our garden. It is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy each others company!





Growing Together: Fun Gardening Projects for the Whole Family

Don’t let your children become part of the ‘indoor generation’! Simply step into your backyard and you can instantly enjoy the wonders of gardening together. Research shows that children who participate in gardening activities are more likely to form long-lasting positive relationships with gardens and nature. So, tell your munchkin to put down the remote control and put on his wellies! Get inspired together with these fun gardening project ideas.

Care for succulents

Gardening is all about caring, tending and nurturing. For some children, this might be the first time they take on these responsibilities, so a great place to start is with plants that won’t suffer from a little neglect. Succulents are ideal for first-time gardeners. These include cacti, sedum and aloe plants. Adapted to arid conditions, they can cope easily if watering is overlooked and are robust enough to withstand harsh climates. Your budding gardener will have a plant they can be proud of, no matter how much love and attention they devote to it.

Grow your own salad

When you’re planting seeds with your kids, the lack of instantaneous results can be a little frustrating for them. Salad leaves, however, are fast growers and, what’s more, can be eaten. Research has shown that children who grow their own vegetables are more likely to eat nutritious food. All you need to do is buy a packet of seeds, sow them into a pot or bed following the packet’s instructions and within four weeks you’ll be able to harvest the leaves for meals. Create a measuring chart with your kids to track the speedy growth of your plants over the four weeks.

Compete with sunflowers

Another way to explore plant growth with your child is to hold a sunflower growing competition. Invest in a packet of seeds and plant straight into the dirt or in a pot then transplant later. Encourage your child to take ownership of their plants and water them regularly. Within two weeks, green shoots will show and it won’t be long until you have towering specimens in your backyard. When the sunflower heads have lost their petals, cut them off and hang them to dry. The seeds can then be harvested and eaten as a snack or planted next year.

There’s no denying that gardening projects come with a host of benefits for you and especially your child. Their eyes will be opened to scientific wonders, new food experiences, responsibilities of caring and so much more. And you will develop strong family bonds through sharing a common interest that will just keep on growing!


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