Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness Month & Somethings Parents Need to Know!


As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I wanted to shed some light on a topic that I think we as parents tend to shy away from, CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE. I am going to try to have several posts this month on my blog talking about sexual abuse. I will try to share some of my story to hopefully shed some light on things for parents, as well as anyone who have/are being sexually abused. This is not an easy topic for me to discuss but I know how important it is that we all start talking about it.

Recently I’ve read a few articles giving parents ‘tips to avoid sexual predators’. Although I am glad people are speaking out and sharing ideas/info I was angry because my mom had followed every single one of the tips and yet I was still preyed on, not by just one man but two! That being said the biggest thing I was upset about was the false sense of safety the parents commenting had. They say things like “Oh I already do all of these so no one will get near by children.” or “I’m mama bear and everyone who meets us knows this so they know not to mess with my kids.” The comments go on and on like this. And as much as I applaud these parents for getting informed sadly their comments and mind set are all wrong!

It has been 15 and 13 years since the sexual abuse I survived. Yet I still lay awake at night wondering why I was preyed on. My mom and I had a close relationship. I was a strong girl that knew what I wanted in life. I wasn’t sad, depressed, or any of the other ‘typical’ things some of the statistics say children are when they are sought out by a predator. I’m sure my mom has spent just as much time as I have wondering these same things. Or what she could have done to prevent it. The bottom line is there is no ‘full proof’ way to make sure your children wont be preyed on. It can happen to ANYONE.

I wanted to share a good source of helpful material for parents to read from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center ( Don’t wait to start reading all of the resources they provide!! Start educating yourself now!!

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This month I am supporting the #SAAM campaign to help spread the word about sexual abuse! You can help speak up too!

  • On Instagram you can spread the word with the #30DayOfSAAM and tag @NSVRC in your posts. 
  • On Twitter you can do the #TweetAboutIt Tuesdays! It’s an hour-long town hall discussion every Tuesday in April on Twitter. 
  • Follow NSVRC on Facebook and share the resources they post!

It’s time to take action! Start speaking! Start listening! Start getting information! Start now!!


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  1. Lori, thank you so much for this post. You are brave to speak out about what happened to you. It happened to me too but I haven’t found the right venue to talk about what happened. Maybe one day I will.

    I will definitely read the resources you shared. Parents who are aware think this can’t happen to their child but as we both know, sadly, it can happen to any child.
    Colleen Pence recently posted…Cardboard Kids SA: It’s happening everywhereMy Profile

    • Thank you Colleen. I have wanted to speak out for many years in hopes of helping even just one person. I want to one day write a book or two. But for now I hope participating in the #SAAM campaign will help spread valuable recourses to parents, children, and even victims.

  2. Thank you for speaking out and trying to help others. It so sad that the victims of child sexual abuse feel like they need to hide it. Our society continues to makes them victims instead of survivors.
    Lisa Branam recently posted…You’re AwesomeMy Profile

    • Exactly! If we all talk about it more the victims can become survivors and others might be inclined to speak out against their attacker.

  3. So proud of you for your courage and bravery!
    Proud of you for being a voice for those that have yet to find theirs!

    I agree there are many false sets of security that many parents believe in to be the protection their children need! However protection comes in many forms from open communication, true awareness, and knowing that we really do not know all we need to know to protect our children.
    Meg recently posted…Raising BoysMy Profile

    • Thank you! I hope that I can make a small difference in a huge topic that isn’t openly discussed enough in our society.


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