You can’t keep a good mom down!

I rolled my ankle during my Zumba class on Saturday morning. I’d previously injured this ankle 18 years ago and it still has a pin in it to hold the bones in place. Between the large amount of swelling and the worry that the pin my have shifted we decided it was best to get x-rays. A few painful hours later we found out that I had only severely sprained it. I am on crutches with an aircast for the next week or two.


My left injured ankle compare to my right not injured ankle.

It has only been a couple days but I can already see how being on crutches and being a mom just don’t go hand in hand very well. Here are just a few of the reason’s you can’t keep a good mom down…

  • My kids all vowed to be big helpers, until I need help then they all whining, crying, or running in the other direction to get out of helping.
  • I may starve during the day because I have no way to carry food to the table to eat. Standing at the counter is painful so instead I opt to wait until the older kids are home to help bring me food.
  • Laundry will not likely get done in a timely matter this week.
  • Grocery shopping sounded like something I could manage (pushing a cart while hopping or hobbling on one leg) until I realized I would have to carry all of the bags into the house ALONE, then put it all away ALONE. So we may be eating cold cereal for a few days.
  • Stairs are RIDICULOUS! We live in a two story home, our room being on the top floor. Getting up the stairs is iffy but coming down is just an accident waiting to happen so I scoot on my butt while my kids carry my crutches. (Plus side I get a good work out going up and down the stairs this way.)
  • The house will look like a bomb went off which will stress me off but I just can not carry anything while on crutches.
  • Crutches might as well have pins and needles at the top to stab your arm pits while you walk. It’s brutal.
Resting is hard

This is how I spent the weekend.

My type A, multi-tasking, busy body personality doesn’t handle all of this rest and put your foot up directions the doctor ordered. This resting time should feel like a vacation but instead it feels like torture. I must admit that I can’t wait to be back to walking, back to cleaning, back to zumba, and back to my normal life.

When it comes to being a mom we have the need to care of others. It is difficult to have things like injuries, illnesses, etc that slow us down or make us stop all together. I have a new appreciation for moms everywhere that have terminal illnesses or other conditions that slow them down on a daily basis. I am making a promise to myself to take more time to  appreciate what I have and stop complaining about what I *think* I need.

My helpers, sometimes

They worked together to do homework so I could rest with my foot up.



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