OCD Mom Confessions and Tips

OCD Mom Confessions and Tips

I read this We can’t be friends. by Dugans Inchoots blog post last week. It doesn’t at all explain how my house looks but MANY of my friends were sharing it on FB so clearly it resonated with them. This was what I wrote in response to my friends and family:

“So this has been shared a lot today in my feed. I just want to say that when you come to my house it will be orderly (most of the time), everything has it’s place, things get returned to their place when they aren’t in use, and we clean often. However I love all my friends no matter how their house looks. When your at my house I might clean up after you but it’s not to be rude it’s just in my nature. When I am at your house I will make my kids clean up after themselves (I’ll fold your laundry or do your dishes if you’d like me to, just ask). It’s all a part of who I am but I don’t judge any of my friends or family based on the way they keep their home AND I certainly don’t expect anyone to run around cleaning before I come. Just know that my house will most likely be clean when you come, not because I ran around cleaning for your visit but because it’s in my nature to keep it this way. We CAN all be friends, we just have to accept and embrace our differences!

I really meant what I said and clearly I am still friends with all of you who do have toys on your floor or dishes in your sink. (I also want to add that I am not making light of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at all. I really do have OCD, not because my house stays clean but because I used to count things, touch things a certain number of times, etc to help me cope with anxiety. Since having four children I have had to let go of many of my OCD tenancies to make my life more manageable and enjoyable for my family.)

Anyhow I got a lot of ‘Likes’ on my post as well as some friends asking for a little help or tips from me to help them organize their house. I thought I’d start series where I share my biggest OCD mom tips and tricks. I can’t promise you’ll become OCD but I can hope that you’ll take some tips away from this to use in your home.


Prioritize! – Decide what area of your home you would like to keep organized most of the time. Then decide what areas can have organization but would be okay to have children playing in with a mess.

Multitask! – I am the queen of multitasking, just ask my husband he’ll complain for hours on end how I hold a conversation in person while reading a book and yelling at the kids to stop fighting. You must learn how to juggle a couple things at once to get your home tidy in a timely fashion without wasting time making lots of trips around the house.

My challenge to you is… to make a list of room of your home. On the list decide one area/thing in each room that needs your attention to organize/re-organize. 

Also keep track of how much time you actually spend cleaning each day for an entire week. That will help you decide if you aren’t already multitasking how much time you might be able to save in the future.


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  1. My best tip is to downsize regularly. Keeping clutter out of the house makes it easier to keep clean. Fewer clothes = less laundry! 🙂
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