San Antonio’s NEW Children’s Museum Name Unveiling

Last week I shared this post about the June 2015 opening of the new San Antonio Children’s Museum. My family and I went to Lions Field this past Saturday to check out some of what the new museum has in store for us all PLUS we were there for the name unveiling!

Fun in the sun at Lions Field

Here they are enjoying the sun at Lions Field!

Sling shot stuffed animals.

Sling shooting the stuffed animals across the field was a highlight for my kids!

Hanging sheets to make forts.

Volunteers helped the kids hang clothes to make forts/houses. 


Children from the audience were chosen to help count down to the name reveal and throw confetti!

THE DO SEUMBIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The name of the new museum is THE DO SEUM!

Now we get to wait in anticipation for the opening in June 2015…watching as the huge buildings become a great new museum here in San Antonio!



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