My 2014 Resolutions & Goals

goals and resolutionsYes I make resolutions. Some times I am great at keeping them all year, sometimes I stray here and there, and sometimes they don’t last long but I like putting them into place to make myself more aware of the person I know I can be. I also like to set some short term goals to help me keep my resolutions. I thought I’d share them here so that maybe you all could keep me accountable all year too!

2014 Personal Resolutions:

  • Be more authentic**
  • Be more genuine**
  • Spend more quality time with my family**
  • Stay active and keep fit
  • Let things go quicker and don’t over react
  • Stress LESS!
  • Run a Rock N Roll Marathon relay with a friend
  • Travel more/Take more vacations
  • Read at least one book a month
  • Start taking college courses
  • Take time out of each day for my husband
  • Show my husband more appreciation
  • Divorce my iphone **SEE the first three things I listed here and info below.

Goals for first 3 months of 2014:

  • Loose 4lbs
  • Run at least once a week
  • Spend no more than 1 cumulative hour checking my phone, facebook, instagram, etc, each day
  • Spend more time playing with my kids
  • Go on one date night a month 

So to expand a little, really the only reason I listed being authentic and genuine in my resolutions is because I think in this social media led age I find myself wrapped up in it. I often sit idle on my phone staring at the screen when I could be engaging more with those people around me. I also find myself comparing things I see on social media to my own life. I am who I am! I need to embrace and live that! Not what I think others might like more of me or who they might like more. I also want to look back on these years my kids are young and remember all that was going on, not because I posted it on FB or Instagram but because I lived it…every single moment of it!

Goals for this blog for 2014:

  • Post at least once a week but not at the expense of family time.
  • Write more
  • Share more
  • Just be myself
  • Find myself/voice
  • Find my niche
  • Blog redesign

In short this blog is taking a back seat to my every day life, family and friends. I have been to a few blogging conferences now and the biggest lesson I learned is that you have to have a heavy social media presence as a successful blogger. If I have a heavy social media presence I can make this blog become less of a hobby and more of a business but that, for me right now, is at the expense of my time with family. If you refer back to my personal resolutions and goals you will see that is something I am working on this year, therefore being on social media more just isn’t realistic for me at this time in my life. Maybe later on the down the road but not this year! 


Do you make goals or resolutions in the new year?

If so, what are they?



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  1. Lori, it sounds like you are making the blog serve your life, instead of making your life serve your blog — seems like a smart choice to me! Family first.
    Inga M. Cotton recently posted…Transformation in progress at Children’s Hospital of San AntonioMy Profile

    • Thanks for the support Inga! I really struggled the last few months trying to find my place in our busy lives and angry at myself for not blogging more. But when I sat back to think about how the last few months went for my family I realized I was a much better mommy when I wasn’t stressed about getting a post done. Instead just soaking up the time spent with them in those moments.


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