The difference a great neighborhood school can make!

Neighborhood school

I have told you all about our decision to homeschool our oldest son this year because of our experience with our then neighborhood school. I also told you about our choice to put our second son in a charter school. Well seasons are changing around here and that includes our childrens schools.

We moved across San Antonio into a great neighborhood. After talking to neighbors we decided to enroll our oldest in the neighborhood school (that is 2 blocks from our house) at the beginning of November. Not only have we been pleased with his education there but we are THRILLED! The school offers music, art, PE, library, and after school activities/clubs. Within two weeks of Ryan going to school there they recognized how talented he is and how quickly he learns so they immediately tested him for G/T. His teacher sends a weekly email outlining EXACTLY what is being taught in the classroom. He brings home homework each night takes him 30 minutes or so to finish. Overall we are very impressed with this school.

This brings me to our second son. We have kept him in his charter school. However that means waking up at 5:30 every morning and not getting home until 5:30/6pm every night. He barely has time to eat dinner, read for 30 minutes, and shower before he is off to bed so he gets enough sleep before he has to be up again. It is wearing on him. He is very emotional and whiny after school and on weekends because he is overly tired. Which is to be expected with such a long day for a 1st grader. After much thought and prayer we have decided that since we like the neighborhood school so much we will move him to that school.

We weighed heavily on these two decisions before making our final decision. I hate to transfer school half way through the year but at this point it really is what is best for Dylan and our family. It is certainly not what we anticipated doing when we chose to send him to a charter school but his health and well being is first and foremost and currently he is so tired and emotional because of his long days. He has also had a teacher leave and a new teacher hired this month adding to his stress. At this point I just can’t justify him going to the charter school when I truly believe we will get just as good of an education at our neighborhood school.

First Day Update: HE LOVED IT!! My normally shy boy has already made a friend. He was thrilled he got to go to the library and computer lab! His teacher spoke to me about testing for G/T services since he was ranked high for 1st grade at his charter school. We are all beyond excited with our choice to transfer him!


P.S. All of these changes have slowed down my blogging. My daughter also changed Mother’s Day Out programs at a closer church near our house. Basically life has been busy and I needed to focus on my family first! Thanks for understanding!


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  1. Lori, I am so happy that your neighborhood school is a good fit for both of your big boys. You tried different options and found what was right for your family.
    Inga M. Cotton recently posted…Charter applications granted, including Carpe Diem San Antonio and Redbud Montessori For AllMy Profile

    • Thank you Inga. I really struggled with the decision but seeing the smile on his face at the end of the first day left me knowing we had made the right choice. He loved the charter school but the day was just too long. I am relieved that after everything was said and done we found the perfect place for both our boys that our daughter can begin attending in the fall. Now if only we could duplicate this great neighborhood school to every neighborhood public school!
      Lori recently posted…The difference a great neighborhood school can make!My Profile

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