8 Quick Moving Tips

8moving tipsWe are moving across the city this month. I’ve moved 5 times in the last 8 years (and TONS as a child growing up in the Navy). We’ve moved long distances to just across town. NO MATTER how far you are moving it is never easy or quick. Here are some tips for anyone moving.


1. Clean as you pack. (Only applies if you need to clean the home you are in before moving out.)
2. Use a different color packing tape for each room to make moving in easier. **Thanks to a reader for this great tip!
3. Sort as you pack boxes. Keep a donate box and a throw away bag handy so you don’t move clutter to your new home.
4. Schedule carpet cleaners and any other services to come the last day of your move to ensure you have everything out.
5. Use towels to pack around breakables. Kitchen and bath towels must be packed too, might as well use them around breakables!
6. Pack a suitcase for each family member with a few days worth of clothes, pillow, and kids lovies. (This depends on how long the transition is between you move. Even moving across town you’ll have a few days where you will be packed and not unpacked it all yet.)
7. Buy paper plates, plastic silverware to use whole transitioning during the move. I’m all for saving costs while moving but honestly this is one cost that will help your sanity making it priceless!
8. Pack cleaning supplies last so you can clean right up until the last day. You won’t want to purchase new cleaning supplies just to clean out or in while moving. Keep the essentials handy!

Keeping your stress level down is hard when moving but if you can find simple things to keep the move as easy and simple as possible it will help your stress. Have any other quick moving tips you’d add? I’d love to hear them!


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