10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known before having any children because it could have saved me money!

Carseats, strollers, highchairs, oh my!!My ‘baby’ just turned two years old in September. He has been full on potty training for a month now. It got me thinking…we have had 8+ years of babies/kids in diapers!! We spent roughly $8000 on diapers for 4 kids in 8 years.

I got to adding up other costs we have spent on our children so far.. OH MY GOSH IT IS TOO MUCH TO FATHOM. I wish I had known about something’s when I was pregnant the first time or even the second around. For instance we have been through 9 strollers…the first was a stroller/carrying carseat combo we purchased, only lasted two years. Then we bought a basic Sit n’ Stand, used it tons and ended up having to buy another bigger/fancier one. We went through three umbrella strollers (and I hate the one we have now). Tried a jogging stroller, hated it and ended up buying a jogger/bike trailer combo I love. Not to mention borrowing two strollers from family because I was fed up with ones I had purchased.

I thought I’d share the 10 Things I Wish I Had Known The First Time I Was Pregnant...in hopes it will save someone some money as they begin having kids!!!!

1. Diapers- Invest in good cloth diapers…it’ll save SO MUCH MONEY in the long run!

2. Stroller- Buy a good sturdy stroller that can take a lot of use/wear and tear. Same goes for a nice umbrella stroller, double stroller/sit n stand, and jogger/bike trailer. If you think your going to have more than one child invest in a double jogger and stroller from the get go.

3. Crib- We thought each baby needed their own crib that grew with them to a toddler bed then full bed. Just buy one well built crib that you can use for each baby! The “grow with me” cribs aren’t made as well as just a crib and you end up not using it as they grow (or you need bunkbeds, like us).

4. Pack n’ Play/Play Pin- Invest in a pack n play that is durable, has a bassinet/changing table addition to it, and is neutral colored so you can use for all of your babies.

5. Play mats- Skip the fancy mats and just use blankets. Giving them toys to play with. The floor mats restrict how far they can roll, aren’t easy to clean, and take up space.

6. Carrier/Wraps- Skip the front carriers and buy a wrap instead. It takes a bit more practice with the wraps but can be worn from day one until they are preschoolers (or too big for you to wear them)! So many ways to tie it and wear baby while doing stuff having hands free without the stress on your back/shoulders!

7. Car Seats- Buy a rear facing to forward facing combo seat with great ratings and fits your car best for each new baby. The seat can usually last far at least 3 years for that child! Then buy a forward facing/tall back booster combo seat once your child is older than three. That only leaves buying a regular booster once they hit those requirements. Meaning 3 car seats per child over their first 8-10 years!! Each seat grows with your child so you’re only buying them a new one every 3-4 years (depending on your seats height/weight restrictions and growth of your child).

8. Bassinet- Get one very good quality bassinet that can also be put next to your bed as a co-sleeper and can be used for years to come for each new baby you welcome.

9. Toddler Bed- Skip buying this and go straight to a twin bed (or a twin mattress on the floor for a few weeks first). Quality twin mattress is important too!

10. Bouncy seat, Bumbo, Swing & High Chair- When purchasing these buy good quality neutral color fabrics. One thing to consider is how easy the fabric is to clean. No need to repurchase if you have a nice one to reuse with each baby!

**These are all just my opinions after having four children and wasting a lot of money on the things we bought over the years. I am no ‘expert’ just a mom sharing my thoughts!**

The bottom line for me was saving money up front ended up costing me because we had to shell out more money to replace items with each child.

Do you have a tip to add about saving costs for new/expecting parents??


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  1. We just have one so far, but I invested in our strollers (I wanted an everyday stroller and a nice jogger). I didn’t want to have to keep purchasing those big items. I did a lot of research and am happy with what we’ve used over the past three years. I’m not a saver, though, so a lot of other stuff I didn’t buy as nice because I knew I wouldn’t store it and keep it for the second go ’round.
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    • That is great that you did your research and found good products in the large items. I wish i would have done that the first time around. It really is a big help when you have plans for more than one child.

  2. These are fantastic tips, Lori. We’ve only had two kids but your tips still could have saved us a bunch of money.
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  3. These are some great tips, I can’t have anymore kiddos but I will pass along this post to other moms! Thanks! 🙂
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  4. Cute babie!!! I hope to have kids in the near future and this helps a ton!! Thanks for sharing
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  5. The one thing I never invested in was a high chair. In our first house we didn’t have enough room, and after that, we knew we didn’t really need it. So far, five of our six kids have used the same kitchen booster, and it’s still in great shape, so I’m pretty sure the baby will be using it too!

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