Loads of Fall Fun at Devine Acres Farm

Fall fun at Devine Acres Farm

**Disclaimer: My family visited Devine Acres Farm free of charge in return for this post. All views are 100% true, genuine and my own! Sunday started out dreary and rainy here in South Texas. We had planned to take the family out to Devine Acres Farm but I was worried it would be rained out. I checked their Facebook page to see if they had posted anything about being closed but was pleasantly surprised to see they were open. We got ready and drove out there (we followed the directions on their website to make sure we didn’t get lost).

We were welcomed by a cowboy who directed us to the ticket counter. My family checked out the map and planned their adventure while I got our tickets for the farm. The ground was wet but not enough to damper our day. We started by mining for gold and gems. Followed by racing ducks, throwing water balloons at the crows, and dressing our own Scare Crow. As soon as we finished up with those activities the nice cowboy invited us to come watch a show he was putting on. It was a roping, gun twirling, whip thrashing, joking kind of show. He had everyone in the pavilion hootn’ and hollerin’!


As soon as the show was over we got our fish bait, a fishing pole, and headed to the pond where the cowboy told us the fish had been biting all day. Sure enough each of the kids caught at least one fish as they took turns fishing. On our way over the pond we walked through the hay maze followed by the spiders web. Once we’d all had a chance to catch a fish the kids dashed to the slides, tunnels, and trike race track. There were more mazes than we could count…all the perfect size for our group of kids (8, 7, 6, 4, & 2 years old). My children were probably most excited about the playground. It had something for everyone!

Before going back up to the front to pick a pumpkin and paint it we played a round of cowboy golf and bean bag toss. Back at the pumpkins two beautiful dogs (one was an adorable puppy) joined us…which made my 2 year old’s day! We let each child pick a pumpkin, we purchased them, then painted them. They finished painting with just enough time to go through the Mason Jar store before closing time.

Something for everyone at Devine Acres Farm

We could have easily spent another hour or two at the farm. In the car I asked the kids how they would rate this activity, it was no surprise to hear them all say 10! (Well the two year old said “Two” but that is his new age so that is about the only number he knows now. LOL) When asked to pick a favorite activity of the day they each honestly could not choose just one! I would HIGHLY recommend families visiting Devine Acres Farm! We are already planning our trip back there to purchase a Christmas Tree and have breakfast with Santa!

Also want to add that this is a GREAT place for toddlers/preschoolers…often times when we go to things like this the 2 year old gets left out because he is “too small” but at Devine Acres Farm there was nothing he couldn’t do!!

THE WINNER Of the Devine Acres Farm: Farm Fun Pack Giveaway is J.j and James Pomrenke!! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you have as much fun as we did at Devine Acres Farm!!



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