My Kids Review of Pleygo!

Pleygo creation finished. Lots of fun!Have you heard of Pleygo? It is like Net-flix for Legos! You can read more about it here. My boys got to try it this week…they LOVED it! **Disclaimer: We were given a 3 month free trial to Pleygo in exchange for my blog posts/review of the product. All opinions are 100% our own!

Here is how it worked for us. September 10th I signed us up and put 10 Lego sets on our want to try list. By Thursday the 12th we had received our first set in the mail. Friday after school I brought the boys home, opened the package, went over the Pleygo instructions, then let them have fun creating. A couple hours later they emerged with a fully built Lego set. They have been playing with it ever since…even opting out of ‘free screen time’ to play Legos!Pleygo start to finish!

This is the first Lego set they have assembled all by themselves. I am very proud of them. They followed the directions to create a masterpiece!

I would recommend Pleygo to parents with children that enjoy Legos. My boys are 6, 7, and 8…they along with their younger siblings love Legos and love the idea that they can “check out” a different set of Legos as often as they would like, trying lots of sets and not getting bored with the same ones we already own.

"We Like Pleygo!"

Here are my kids reviews straight from their mouths… “I like that I can try a new set of Lego’s without having to buy it every time.” “This is great because if we don’t like a set we haven’t wasted any money on buying it!” “I like playing Legos a LOT so this is perfect!”

Pleygo has different price options for their monthly membership. Check out their website at for more details. (They also offer the option to buy the set which would be great if your children loved the set and didn’t want to return it for a different set.) For my kids trading sets every couple weeks is perfect! It also gives us the option to include some sets for their sister so she can explore and build from time to time too! 

Don’t just take our word for it…go try Pleygo for yourself! I bet you’ll love it just as much as we do! Receive your First Month FREE at®ionid=75 or directly at to register!



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