Homeschooling: Early Successes

I may eat my words later but so far homeschooling Ryan is going great! Most days he is busy from 7am (when Dylan leaves for school) until 3pm, with an hour for lunch and hour of playtime.

Hands on learning.

We are doing a combination of online, work book, and hands on curriculum (read more about it here). Yesterday he asked if he could read a few extra poems because he loves poetry. Then during his writing activity he wrote a shape poem in the shape of his hand. Today and yesterday he read about eyes, ears, & nerves in science/health which prompted him to do 3 experiments. He started a music lesson yesterday. This morning he asked if he had to wait a whole week to do another music lesson because he wanted to do it daily!

Things I’ve already seen him learn in 2 1/2 short weeks:

  • Half the cursive alphabet.
  • Several different types of poetry…writing his own poetry.
  • All about woodwind & brass instruments.
  • Typing with both hands…he knows the whole keyboard just working on speed.
  • Manners- table & social. (Needs to work on exhibiting both.)
  • Knows all about Christopher Columbus, John Smith, & Pocahontas.
  • Learning states, capitals, & facts about states.
  • Listening and sound exp.

I obviously have no way of knowing how much he would have learned in a charter school by now. However I can tell you he has learned tons more in this time than he would have in our neighborhood public school. He is going to take a couple kids cooking classes with other homeschoolers which he is excited about! We are making plans to meet other homeschoolers in our area. Taking field trips in the coming weeks. Plus we hope to get him and Dylan is a sport soon.

I would say overall homeschooling was the best choice for him this year!Playing is learning.


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  1. Lori, this sounds wonderful. Keep us posted about the cooking classes!

    Our homeschool journey seems to be off to a good start, too. Today was the first day adding math workbooks, and it seemed to go OK. The part I am enjoying the most is the “field trips.”
    Inga M. Cotton recently posted…Generation 18 charter school interview schedules for September 11-12, 2013My Profile

    • I will keep you posted. I think the cooking classes might be exactly what he needs a couple time a month to help him change things up and meet new people. I am so glad your homeschool journey is going well too! We haven’t tried any field trips yet but I need to plan some for later this month and October.

  2. Glad its going well for the 2 of you. Keep up the good work.

  3. Its is really awesome to having a gifted child like Ryan. Every child have the same strength and knowledge for studying but, it depends upon the parents who nurture their minds. Its so interesting to read about ryan and your homeschooling experiences. All the best!! keep rocking! Happy homeschooling…
    Ashley recently posted…Worried about your grades? Online K-12 Courses can helpMy Profile

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