Back to School: First Day of School Pictures

I am one of those moms that takes a picture on the first and the last day of school every year. Yes, I also make them hold a corny sign so that I can document what grade they were going in to. My kids humor me by doing it every year and likely to for many years to come!

Here are our first day of school pictures this year…Back to school photosBack to school photo

I found this personalized printable sign over at One Sweet Party.

Also a great contender for the sign we used this year was this fun chalk board sign from Designs by Nicolina.

I’ll share of end of the school year pics next year! In the meantime follow my “School Days” board on Pinterest to keep up with all things school!

On to how the first day went for my older boys… 
My oldest, Ryan, is being homeschooled by me this year. Despite having to sit in two waiting rooms for three hours for labs and X-rays for him the first morning of school, we were able to come home eat lunch and put a full days work in. He completed the entire school day from noon to 2:45 including 30 minutes of riding bikes! He is really eager to do his work. He is loving the curriculum I have chosen (Easy Peasy All In One Homeschooling, A Beka and Writing Cursive Without Tears). We’ll see how things progress in the coming days but I am impressed with his first day of school!

Ready for IDEA Public Schools

My first grader, Dylan, is attending IDEA Public School which is a charter school this year. He was a little sad in the morning but after a pep talk he was ready to go to school. Drop off was a breeze! I got a text during the day from his teacher asking if he was being picked up or going to after school care, I told her I’d always pick him up.

Pick up was a NIGHTMARE! There was 6 lanes of traffic in three directions backed up for three city blocks! School lets out at 3:45, I arrived at 3:10 where I was a block away from the school sitting in line. Cars were swerving and weaving around the backed up traffic and people were running across the street (not at the cross walk) almost getting ran over. Finally at 4:15 I started to move…one very slow car length at a time. At 4:45 I was finally at the school pick up area to get my son. A WHOLE HOUR AFTER SCHOOL WAS LET OUT! (Lots of kids coming out of the school in tears at this point…my son not crying but sad I wasn’t there an hour before.) Now some have recommended I park and walk to pick him up but our school does not allow that. Also some said I should wait until a few minutes after school lets out to go and get him…I’d love to only I was in the middle of this pick up line…which means other parents behind me or at the end of the line had to wait until after 5pm to get their kids from school…that is just CRAZY!

They can't wait to start school

These two are so anxious to start school…September 10th can’t get here soon enough!



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  1. Glad to hear homeschooling is off to a good start!

    I hope things get better with the pick up line. That is too long to wait.
    Inga M. Cotton recently posted…FAQ update: What new charter schools are opening in San Antonio?My Profile

    • Thanks Inga! I am so happy with our choice to put him in this charter school so I too hope they can figure out the drop off/pick up line.

  2. Hi there! I found your blog through the IDEA Public Schools news feed. My son attends IDEA down in the RGV. I hear you when it comes to pick-ups. I get to school an hour early and even like that there’s about 10 cars ahead of me! The good thing about it is that it gives me time to write and plan for my own blog so no complaints 🙂
    Alma @ A Conquered Mess recently posted…50 Things To Do This FallMy Profile

    • Glad you found me. It great to meet a fellow blogger that has a child attending IDEA! Thankfully after the first few days they got the drop off and pick up down to a science so we never wait more than about 5 min! It gave me lots of social media time when we did have to wait longer. Always an upside to things.


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