Another year older…

and another year wiser?! Happy Birthday to me

When you are a mom there isn’t much of a big celebration for you for your birthday. It’s just an average day with a few birthday wishes. Although my toddler does keep asking me if I am “happy” today. He asks it every time one of the other kids or adults wishes me Happy Birthday so I guess he just assumes I should be very HAPPY today! Hahaha!

I turned 28 today. I distinctively remember my mom turning 28 when I was a kid. I remember thinking “wow she is so grown up now”. I’m not sure what the difference between 27 and 28 were to me then but there was something. I don’t see myself as a grown up at 28 today. I’m sure my kids think I am or maybe they don’t. To be honest when you ask my kids how old I am they normally say I am much younger than I am. So the big question here is what makes you a ‘grown up’?

As a teenager you believe that 18 is the magic number to being a ‘grown up’. Then you get hit with the reality that you still can’t do everything you *think* you should be able to until your 21. At 21 you are probably finally on your own and faced with the reality of bills, stress, and life. That should make you BE a ‘grown up’…however I think it just makes you wish you could relive your teenage years (and for some people they sort of do). Hmmm, so what is the ‘grown up’ age?

I am excited each year on my birthday. I like turning a year older. I don’t ever feel any different. Nor do I feel like I’ve reached the ‘grown up’ status each year. To many I am just a young mom of four kids, not necessarily a grown up (or at least that is how their remarks are perceived by me). Does raising a family make me a ‘grown up’?

I don’t know when I will feel like a GROWN UP but for now I am happy being 28 and enjoying my life at this age! Maybe next year I’ll be a ‘grown up’!

Another year older...


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