My Top 8 Traveling Tips

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As you all know I returned this week from a 3300 mile road trip. Well in actuality with the coming and going to different activities at our destinations we traveled almost exactly 3800 miles over 2 weeks! That is more than 55 hours of driving. I want to share the TOP 8 things I found most helpful while traveling.

1. Road Hunt app – Looking for something to keep adults occupied on long road trips? Look no further than this fun app! We spent hours playing this game to keep us busy on our long drives through 13 different states!

2. On The Way App (powered by Yelp) – This app was really helpful in finding places to stop for gas and food along our routes. You can also easily view the Yelp reviews to help decide if it’s a place you want to stop at.


3. “Are we there yet?” Banner – During our drives my kids really enjoyed trying to spot the next place on our “Are we there yet?” banner so we could celebrate and take that paper down. They knew exactly how many more cities or state lines we had to cross before we got to our destination, keeping them from asking how much longer we had.

4. Homemade Lunchables – One great way to keep everyone happy on the road is by keeping their bellies full. My homemade lunchables were perfect for all the kids and adults while traveling AND while visiting places like the beach, zoo, and parks!

5. Fresh Fruit – We booked hotels that all offered continental breakfasts however many of them only offered cereal and toast. It wasn’t enough to keep little bellies full so having lots of apples, oranges, and bananas on hand was key in fueling up in the mornings.


6. Clothes Pins and Ziplock Bags! – I threw in a bag of clothes pins and extra baggies which both came in very handy during our trip. The clothes pins were great for hanging up wet swim suits in our hotel room. The baggies were used to package snacks, put wet clothes in at amusement parks, put dirty diapers in to throw out, and tackling the mess of little toys along the way.

7. Kids Comfort Items- Blankies, pacifiers, and stuffed animals. Need I say more?!

8. Travel Tickets – We gave all the kids tickets for their good behavior in and out of the car. Then they could cash in their tickets for .50 cents each to buy souvenirs at the parks during our trip. This was EXTREMELY handy because it encouraged good behavior while giving the kids a chance to buy trinkets and things during the trip!

What are some of your favorite apps while driving? Do you have any road trip tips to share? I’d love to hear them!



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  1. I have one older boy now 10 and twin girls aged 8 and we find our life very busy on the road…thanks for the great tips! One thing that we found important is comfort. SAo many times our kids were slumped over in their car seats and it just seamed so uncomfortable. I had to come up with something (nothing seamed to work and no products existed to help). So the Amiba Monsters came to life (with the help of my boy’s creative mind). They are travel body/headrest pillow. Check them out and tell me what you think? 🙂


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