One of the hardest days of my life…

I’ve shared two of my four kids birth stories so far. Today is my oldest son’s birthday and I want to share his birth story.


Being my first labor and delivery I had no idea what to expect. We visited L&D two times over the last week of my pregnancy. As I grew closer to my due date I was sure that he had to come by that date. My pregnancy was very cookie cutter, with morning sickness the first trimester, pure bliss the second trimester, and a little swelling with the growing anticipation of the delivery of our first baby.

I woke up on my due date (around 7am) having hard contractions, the worst I had felt. I called my hubby at work to tell him…he called my aunt and sister to go to our house and sit with me, then drive me to my already scheduled doctors appointment. After another two hours of intense contractions(10am now) I decided to take my bag and carseat with me to the appointment thy my sister drove me to.

At my appointment I found out that I was dilated to a 4 so my OB sent me to the hospital. Once at the hospital they got me sign in and all set up. At noon my mom arrived and shortly after my OB stopped by during his lunch to break my water and move my delivery along. They let me walk the L&D halls while laboring. I mostly stuck to our room.


By 2pm I had only progressed to 5cm so they started pitocin. The first hour on PIT I was fine, still no medication for pain. By about 5pm the contractions had become unbearable and I was warned it was my last chance for an epidural. My hubby then kicked everyone out of the room (which I guess at this point had grown to a crowd of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends). A couple minutes later when my next contraction started I asked if my mom and the nurse could come back in. He obliged. 😉 **He was overwhelmed by the crowd in our room.**

After my mom and the nurse returned they informed me I was at 9cm an it was too late for an epidural. I got a small does of a local instead just to take the edge off. The nurse said I wasn’t fully effaced yet so she was going to have me start pushing and she would “stretch” me to 100%. Being my first baby I had no idea what to say or do so I did what she said. Worst mistake of my life! I pushed for a solid hour before she called the doctor. With each push she would make me change positions and would try to stretch me.

By the time the doctor arrive a little after 6pm I was so terribly swollen an that baby’s heart rate was dropping from all the excessive pushing that the situation ha now grown risky. (BTW: My Ob was pissed at that nurse for what she did.) After giving us some dry humor he let us that he needed to try the forceps or he was afraid he would have to take me for an emergency c-section (which was out of the question for me). **the vacuum wouldn’t work because I was too swollen!**

Then he got out these HUGE metal ‘salad tongs’, as my husband refers to them. Slid them into place and informed me on my next contraction that he would gently pull while I pushed. He did the four times before my sweet boys head was finally out. Then he told me I needed an episiotomy…only I pushed too soon and torn (15 stitches later…) but one of his shoulders was out. Two more good pushes and at 7:23pm we welcomed our first born!

Weighing 7lbs 6 1/2ounces and 21 inches long he was our biggest baby. He had a full head of dark brown hair which was completely unexpected coming from two blonde parents. He had beautiful brown eyes and was perfect in every way.

Being that I was in so much pain it hurt to deliver my placenta. I wasn’t completely numb for stitches. And I was shaking and exhausted when they brought him to me to hold. I literally couldn’t bring myself to hold him at first. I fell asleep by 9pm.

My poor baby was bruised on his temples from the forceps and the top of his head was cut from the internal monitor. He didn’t even want us touching his head for the first 24hrs.

Around eleven the nurse brought me dinner and said the baby was going to need to eat soon. I ate them they handed him to me to nurse him. I had no idea what I was doing. He was not latching on properly so it hurt so much. My mom came the next morning to help me try to nurse him and it was slightly better but so much coordination was needed and I felt like a failure for not knowing how.

Because of the trauma of the delivery they wanted to monitor him for an extra day. I had been discharged so they moved us to a curtosy room with a twin size bed and a small sink. The only restroom was the public ones located in the lobby. Lets just say I was miserable over the next 24hrs. I cried every time I tried to nurse him.

We went home on the third day!! He screamed the entire way home. Once home he was so content, great sleeper, and lead his new parents on this new journey. At home I was able to get extra help from my mom, aunts and grandma with nursing. After 7 days my milk had not came in yet, he was very jaundice and hungry. My mom helped drip formula to him while he nursed. The next day my milk came in full force!

I had no idea how hard the delivery and days following were going to be. Our son was such a champ through it all. There are so many things about that first delivery I would have changed now that I’ve delivered four babies, but it makes a good story and reminds me of what pain really feels like when I think my body hurts or I am sore.



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