Birth of my only daughter

1-5293_1024973679968_1694064295_50677_4573803_nBack in April I shared the birth story of my second son when he turned 6. Well today is my daughters 4th birthday and what better way to celebrate here on my blog then to share her birth story!

To sum up my pregnancy and delivery of my daughter was EASY! I honestly often forgot I was pregnant because I had very little pain, sickness, swelling, and over all pregnancy symptoms. At 8 months pregnant I would go to lift a box or climb on something and literally have to remind myself that I was big pregnant and could NOT be doing those things. It was a pregnant mamas dream!

Her delivery was my easiest by far. I had had contractions the week leading up to her birth. I saw my midwives on Thursday and they said your only slightly dilated but judging by your attitude and demeanor we think you’ll give birth before the weekend is over. I mostly didn’t believe them. Ha! I was just starting to get to the stage of being ready to not be pregnant any longer. However I still had two weeks to my due date so I wasn’t too overly optimistic.

Friday morning I took my two boys, almost 4 and 2 years old, AND my younger brother, almost 3 years old, swimming. While dimming I hurt my back and pulled a muscle in my side. I went about our daily life the remainder of Friday. By Friday night I was exhausted from a busy day and settled in to go to bed at 11pm.

Then in the wee hours of Saturday morning (2am) I woke to a puddle of water. I woke my husband and told him my water had just broke. He asked how I knew, I explained how I felt a weird ‘popping’ sensation then opened my eyes to find a small puddle of water on our bed. I told him to get the bag in the car and get the boys ready to go while I rinsed off in the shower. I got out of the shower to find my husband just sitting at the foot of the bed doing nothing…he was convinced I had only peed myself. I gave him no choice and I called the midwives to tell them we were making the hour drive to Durango to give birth.

On our way to the hospital we stopped at my moms house to drop our older two boys off with Papa and to pick up my mom. She drove as we sat sleepily because it was now past 3am and we were all tired. I had a few contractions along the way but nothing too bad until we pulled into the parking lot. By the time we got checked in the midwife on call had arrived. She confirmed that I was dilated to 6cm and my bags of water had indeed broke. We decided to walk outside of the hospital for a while. It was a beautiful day in Colorado so we took full advantage of the nice weather.

We walked, climbed stairs and even ate a light breakfast. About an hour into our walk my contractions got stronger and I felt more pressure. We went back to the room for me to get in the bath to relax for a bit. When we got back they said I was almost at 8cm. I took a jacuzzi bath while my husband and mom watched a show in the room. After an hour of that my contractions were getting more intense so I decided to get out of the bath.

I was 9cm now so while they prepped my room for the birth I sat on a birthing ball breathing calmly through contractions. I had a friend and the midwife show up as I was about to start pushing. Three pushes (a total of about 10 min of pushing) and my sweet baby girl was born at 11:24 am! From the time my water broke till She was in my arms it was 9 hours.1-5293_1024973719969_1694064295_50678_7922413_n

Weighing 5lbs 13oz and 18inches long she was my smallest baby. She resembled me as a baby. As soon as she was born she spent hours just softly cooing at us all. She had so much to tell us while she memorized our faces.

Her Papa brought her brothers and uncle to come meet her at about noon (along with lunch for me). The boys couldn’t get enough of holding and cuddling her. They loved having a little sister. Other family and friends visited all day into the night.

We went home on Sunday mid morning, picking up our older boys on our way. We walked into our house as a family of five on Sunday afternoon! What a huge blessing she is to our family. She keeps her brothers in line and is the princess in this house. I always hoped for at least one girl and I feel so lucky that I was blessed with one that is so independent and beautiful, inside and out! 1-5293_1024973919974_1694064295_50683_4776422_n


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