Throwback Thursday- July Birthday Babies

My oldest son turns 8 on July 25th and my daughter turns 4 on July 17th, so I decided to post some throwback pictures of them this week.

This is just a few of the many expressive photos I have of my daughter…

My oldest is a fun loving kid that is ready for a party at any second. Here are some throw back photos of him.

The two of them both have a lot in common and most of the time get along great. They make perfect buddies. These two pictures sum up their relationship!

1-ryan and becca

Here he is holding her at just a few days old.1-DSC06147

Just about to turn 5 and 1 here you can see how much fun they have together!

I sure am blessed to have these two amazing kids in my life. They each have such unique personalities but they are the perfect little people for our fun loving family. I love that they both take life by the horns, try new things daily, and really push themselves to the brink. They clearly have a love for thrills. I am blessed to be their mom! I can’t way to see how their personalities develop more over their life!



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