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Jamberry Nail Shields

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have worn Jamberry Nails several times over the last few months and posted a picture. Well my friend Heather, a Jamberry Nails Consultant, sent me a free sheet of nail shields (see picture below of the shields she sent me) to do a review here along with a giveaway. I have never been to a Jamberry Nails house party, I just happened to see Heather wearing Jamberry Nails when I lived in west Texas (and before she was a consultant) and she gave me a sample she had on hand to try. After I moved away she became an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails because she loved them so much.

review & giveaway

Instructions Jamberry

First things first…applying the shields to my nails. I grab the Jamberry Nail shields, tweezers, a file, my hair dryer and a small pair of scissors. Then I follow the simple ‘how to’ instructions on the back of the shields package. Being a perfectionist so it takes me about 40 minutes to apply the shields to both hands. I am nail polish challenged when it comes to painting my finger nails, but with Jamberry Nails I am easily able to apply them without any help.




The reasons I have fallen in love with Jamberry Nails are… I get compliments everywhere I go on my nails. Women and men everywhere want to know how I can have these amazing designs on my finger nails. I am impressed with there durability. They last a couple weeks withstanding my wear and tear of mommy/wife life (they last even longer on my toe nails). They are beautiful, giving me designer looking nails for a small fraction of the price I would pay to go to a salon.

I honestly can’t give you any negative feedback for these nail shields. With so many designs to choose from, different options for different nails including shields for little girls nails (which my daughter loves them), they appeal to ladies of all walks of life! For me I can use one entire sheet of shields at least two times on my hands OR both my hands and feet…that is a great deal for the low cost of $15 for one sheet!!Jamberry

How many of you want to try Jamberry Nails now? Here is your chance to win a shield to try! Plus with a great promotion of Buy 3 get 1 shield FREE you can put in your order today for an extra 10 entries in this giveaway!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I love the pink and purple peacock!

  2. I love any of the black and white sets! LOVE!!

  3. Rachelle says:

    I like the simple pink and white french manicure

  4. candy scallop


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