Revamping Chore List for Summertime

 I admit that summer time is usual pretty casual around our house. I try not to overbook our days with extracurricular activities so that my kids can stay up a bit later, sleep in (haha, never happens) and spend our days finding new ways to enjoy time together. To avoid getting too laid back with our daily routine and chores over the summer I decided to revamp the kids chore list.

To start I searched for online programs that would help me generate a chore list I could either print or keep track of online. I came across Handipoints! It was exactly what I was looking for!

I signed up. Then inputted daily and weekly chores for each of my children. I sorted them so the daily chores are on the top of the list in order of what I’d like them to complete in the morning followed by the chores that should be completed in the evening. Last I put the chores that the kids will only do once, twice or three times a week. Some of the weekly chores will be rotated through the month so each child will take a turn doing each task on their week.

I printed them, put up a poster board with clothes pins to hold each child’s list, then strung a string to a marker on the wall in our play room.IMG_3882IMG_3885

At the end of the week I can pull their lists down, input their completed tasks on the Handipoints website. To keep track of how many points they earned.

Then lastly the kids will be able to earn things like “a new book”, “icecream treat”, “putt putt golf”, and more. We don’t normally reward our kids for things they should already be doing but our children really do a good job of making sure they keep our house in good working order so we’ve decided that a little extra something here and there this summer well deserved.

There are also many worksheets available on Hanipoints. They will be great to print and use for summer bridge schooling at home and while we travel!

Do you have a chore chart for your kids? Are chores harder or easier to keep up with in the summer time at your house?

**I am in no way affiliated with Handipoints. I’m just a mom sharing a cook site I found to help other moms streamline their life!**



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  1. Very cool! Co isn’t quite old enough for a chore chart yet, but I love this website you referenced.
    Ashley recently posted…Day-To-DayMy Profile

    • Yeah I don’t think I started an actual chore chart until I had my third child so my oldest was at least 5. When I did start a chart back then I only used picture icons so he could “read” what each task was by looking at the picture. Thanks for stopping by to read my post!

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