Nine Years of Marital Bliss…

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Okay so a picture might be worth a thousand words but when it comes to marriage a picture can hide so much. Over the last nine years we have had our share of ups and downs. Before getting married no one ever told me how hard marriage is. The reality is that you are taking two completely different personalities, putting them into one house, asking them and their families to get along, all while adding life’s challenges into the mix. It’s really a recipe for a disaster which might explain why divorce is more common these days.

Our marriage is no exception to all the struggles! We thought we had endured a lot before getting to the alter but we had no idea what life had in store for us. Like, having and raising children…with your different backgrounds and opinions on what is best for the children!! Living apart for several days or weeks for work. Or moving 10 hours away from family and friends for a job where we knew no one or anything about the area. Then moving 5 more hours, again for work where we knew only a few people. Plus too many other small and big trials we have overcame together.

On the flip side we have shared many happy moments together. Like; Welcoming four beautiful healthy babies to our family. Taking many road trips to see the sites and fun different states have to offer. Laughing about all the silly things we say to each other and that our kids say. Successfully moving ourselves 10+ hours, then moving ourselves 5 more hours! Celebrating birthdays, lost teeth, growth, schooling, and more with our kids. Being blessed with amazing friends that are supportive of our marriage. Having family that support us as a couple and as parents to our children. And so so much more!

See my 7 year old said it best this week in this conversation I had with him…

Him “Are you going to stay married forever?”

I jokingly replied “Well I hope so but you know your dad does drive me CRAZY!”

Him “That is a GOOD crazy!!”

Yes it’s been a challenging 9 years but I wouldn’t change any of it and I can’t wait for the next 90+ years with my husband. Bring on all the ups and downs because we are ready to work our butts off for our marriage!!



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  1. Congratulations!! Here’s to many more!
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  2. Wow! 9 years go you guys! Congrats that is awesome. Wishing you both many, many more amazing years!!

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