Beating Summer-Break Boredom (Part 2)

In this house when my kids start to get bored they often times find themselves getting into trouble or picking fights with their siblings. A couple years ago a friend of mine told me about a neat thing she does with her boys when they start fighting she gives them a chore to do around the house. While they completed this chore their mood perked up and they stopped bickering. I decided to put this idea to the test last summer and I’ll tell you what IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!! My house stayed cleaned for a good part of the summer with out me lifting a finger!

I have added my own little spin to this to fit our family, made a list of chores, and put them on Popsicle sticks in a jar for the children to choose when they have broken a rule. I give them one verbal warning, if they continue the bad behavior then they choose a stick with a chore.

For the RULES:

Hitting = Chore

Kicking = Chore

Disobeying = Chore

Bad Language = Chore

Bickering/Arguing = Chore

Tattling = Chore

Whining = Chore

Complaining of Boredom = Chore

Talking back to adults = Chore

Now for the CHORE LIST:

Run 5 laps around the yard
Jumping jacks 25
Sit ups 25
Plank 30 seconds
Push ups 25
Squat jumps 25
Dead man drop 25
Lunges 25
Squats 25
Vacuum couches
Vacuum car carpets
Clean trash out of car
Clean under couches
Clean a bathroom
Organize your dresser
Organize toy room
Clean pantry
Clean fridge
Wash bedding & make it
Wipe all house door handles & switches
Clean dog poop
Rake grass
Vacuum a room corners & baseboards
Clean microwave
Wash windows
Wash mirrors

I took large popsicle sticks.






Wrote a chore on each one.






Put them in a tin can that I bought from the Target dollar isle. And wrote “Bad Behavior Can” on the side.

We implemented this right away. So far each of my children have had to complete one chore each day. Amazing how after they completed that chore they stopped fighting and followed the rules of the house.

How does your family keep the bickering down? Is fighting and bickering worse during the summer?



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  1. Such a great idea! I might have to try this when my little one is a bit older 🙂
    Ashley recently posted…Our Weekend Trip To AustinMy Profile

  2. Love this idea!!!

    • It sure has come in handy around our house this summer, I think the crazy weather is causing crazy behavior. 😉

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