Beating Summer-Break Boredom (Part 1)

Summer Boredom Buster List-mysixringcircus

“Mom, we are bored!” “What can we do?” “We don’t get to do anything!” “There is NOTHING to do at home!” I have a feeling I am not the only mom that hears these and MANY more whiny phrases when it comes to summer break. In years past we traveled home to New Mexico for at least a month to visit family and friends however this summer we are not doing that. Instead we have lots of friends and family coming to visit us PLUS we are taking one long road trip (to Georgia then Ohio then home) for two weeks leaving the rest of summer to be BORED! Or at least that is what my kids will be saying.

HOWEVER I decided to be pro-active and sat my kids down to put together a Summer Boredom Buster List. We tried to choose activities of a wide variety so that we will have something to do on rainy days, on the road days, days spent in other states, traveling to an activity, and things to do at home. With 50 activities to choose from on our Summer Boredom Buster List I am sure this will be the best summer yet….a mom can dream right!?! 😉

Summer Boredom Buster List:

  1. Float down the river
  2. Build a sand castle
  3. Ride bikes on a trail
  4. Watch “Pets Ahoy” @ Sea World
  5. Go to a new summer kid movie
  6. Watch new ski show @ Sea World
  7. Visit a waterpark
  8. Take a long road trip
  9. Go camping
  10. Swim in a hotel pool
  11. Hold a water balloon fight
  12. Make a Wipeout course in backyard
  13. Face painting (RD)
  14. Build a fort inside (RD)
  15. Scavenger hunt at the zoo
  16. Nature walk
  17. Blow bubbles
  18. Watch fireworks
  19. Make a pretend igloo indoors & live like Eskimos (RD)
  20. Treasure hunt at home
  21. Trip to the library
  22. Fly a kite
  23. Scooter race
  24. Make a craft
  25. Complete a summer reading program
  26. Hold a bike rodeo
  27. Make Dip N’ Dots
  28. Finger painting
  29. Kids in the kitchen (make fun foods)
  30. Take a picture map at a museum
  31. Hold a field day at home or a park
  32. Visit a new landmark
  33. Camp inside (RD)
  34. Play a sport on the beach
  35. Visit a new amusement park
  36. Feed sea lions
  37. Picnic lunch at the park
  38. Watch movies all day (RD)
  39. Visit a new zoo
  40. Visit a new museum
  41. Play Frisbee
  42. Skip rocks at a lake
  43. Make goop
  44. Painting outside with marbles, rocks, leaves, etc
  45. Make up a new family game
  46. Give to a charity
  47. Hold a yard sale w/kids lemonade stand
  48. Make s’mores
  49. Kids put on a puppet show (RD)
  50. Dance in the rain (RD)

**RD stands for Rainy Day. These are activities that we can do on rainy days or days it is just too hot to play outside.

I have included a FREE printable Summer Boredom Buster List that I created for your personal use this summer! I hope our kids enjoy these activities as much as I know mine will!!

We plan to check everything off our list at some point or another this summer. Some of the activities I have added because I know that I a few activities we will be doing on our road trip but most of these ideas were given by my kids. That is the best part, they helped create it with their imaginations running wild. They weren’t asking to put video games on the list which is a HUGE plus, they wanted to make up lots of activities to stay active all summer!

Do your kids whine all summer that they are bored? What do you do to beat summer boredom? Have you made a list like this? Check back MONDAY 6/10 for Part 2 of this series! I will share another way we handle boredom and bad behavior during the summer!



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