Happiness Is___________ (Series: Week 18)

We are in our last week of school, YAY! The countdown to summer break is in full swing. I can’t wait for summer…I may be eating those words in a few weeks. In the meantime we are busy with end of the year activities. This morning my sons folder went missing. We’ve not lost a single paper or folder all year and today one goes missing…the one with his homework in it. So my #HappinessIs moment this morning was finding that folder in my van hidden in a compartment!!

Check out Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting to see what her #HappinessIs this week and to find links to other blogs who linked up with her!

Here is my busy week Happiness Is…

Happiness Is…Swimming on a hot day! (Check out my post tomorrow about why we LOVE Splashtown SA!)


Happiness Is… Playing at a bounce place while your big brothers are at a musical.


Happiness Is.. Putting scratch and sniff stickers all over your knees at the grocery store!


What were your Happiness Is moments this week? Are you kids out of school? Enjoying summer and all it has to offer yet??

Check back next week for another great Happiness Is post!



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  1. I really love this series! So cute. And happy!

  2. I know what you mean when you say you will eat those words. Haha!

    Besides the camps, we are doing school in the summer. No excuse for being bored or playing video games all summer! Haha!

    Your kids are so darn cute. I love the one in the grocery cart.

    Thank so much for sharing and have a great week!

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