A Twist of Fate Has Me Outside My Comfort Zone…Homeschooling!

20130519-193205.jpgFor the past 6 months my husband and I have been toying with the idea of homeschooling our older boys. Since moving to San Antonio we have seen our boys’ love and enthusiasm for school diminish. I could go on and on with the struggles we’ve had with our neighborhood school but the bottom line is that we can’t just complain and fight with the school over every thing we disagree about. Instead we have to take the bull by the horns, sort to speak, to take a step in a different direction to ensure our boys get the education they deserve.

We toured several local charter schools as options for next school year. We put the boys’ names in the lottery at every single charter school we toured. My second son got pulled for every lottery HOWEVER my oldest didn’t get pulled for any. See it seems there is an over abundance of kids in his grade in San Antonio (our neighborhood school didn’t even have spot for us for almost 3 weeks when we moved here) so therefore there weren’t many open spots in 3rd grade for next school year at the charter schools. We chose the charter school that we fell fit our wants and needs the most for our second son, then signed a commitment letter. 

This leaves our oldest without a school. Sooooo, I am taking a huge leap of faith to home school him next year.

I love my oldest to pieces but he is so much like me that I am concerned with how well he and I will work together. I’m sure we’ll find our groove eventually. This is one of the scariest things I have done. I must admit that I am worried he won’t learn as much as he needs to during the year. I’m sure I am just being hard on myself but this is my sons education and I want to make sure I am teaching him all that I need to and more.

With all that said I will be spending the next few weeks looking over different curriculums and researching exactly what I need/want to do for my son next year as his new teacher… and as he pointed out, his Principal, music teacher, art teacher, and PE coach!! Oy vey, that is a lot of hats I am going to be wearing in addition to what I already wear! 😉

Do you home school? If not, is it something you have considered doing for you children? Any words of advice for me??



**If you are looking for public charter school options in the San Antonio area I highly suggest checking out San Antonio Charter Moms! I found all the information I needed and more about area charter school options. Being new to SA I never would have known public charter schools existed here had I not stumbled upon this great blog!


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  1. Not only do I homeschool, I wrote a book about how to do it and work, take care of families, and not go nuts! Welcome to homeschooling in Central Texas!
    Pamela @RedWhiteandGrew recently posted…{From Blogpost to Bookshelf} Come Talk with Me About How You can Go from “Blog to Book”My Profile

    • Pamela, I WILL be reading your book! I need all the advice I can get on homeschooling and running my house without loosing my mind. Thanks for the support!

  2. Lori, I am so sorry that your oldest got stuck on the waiting list at EVERY school. It seems like the successful schools just can’t expand fast enough. I have faith that you all will succeed in your homeschooling journey; looking forward to reading more about it along the way.
    Inga M. Cotton recently posted…Achievement School District SB1718 scheduled for Tuesday vote; please call Reps. Villarreal and RodriguezMy Profile

    • Thank you Inga! I appreciate all the resources your blog has supplied our family in finding schooling options for our children. I know this new journey of homeschooling won’t be easy but I am reassured it is the right step for us. Who knows where this journey will take us, I may end up homeschooling all my children after I get a year under my belt. 😉

  3. Excited to watch you experience this! 🙂
    Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting recently posted…How to Make a Nutella MartiniMy Profile

  4. Melanie/QueMeansWhat says:

    I decided to homeschool my kinder this year. We’ve enjoyed it even with the struggles throughout the year. I won’t pretend I’m not nervous about how much he should be learning each year but I think that’s what will keep me driven as his teacher to succeed for us both. Advice: connect with Pamela. I took her online class and I’m still learning from her. San Antonio has a good homeschool support system, too.

  5. I, for one, am THRILLED that you are going for it and doing this! TBH, I’ve always seen you as a homeschooling mom from the minute I met you!!!
    Jenn L recently posted…“I Messed Up!” Paleo Challenge Day 21My Profile

    • Thanks Jenn! I never pictured myself as a homeschool mom but I’m thrilled to know someone thought of me like that. 😉


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