Week of Dr. Appointments


My family has had a busy week of appointments. With everything from eye exams to annual check up appointments to MY WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL! :/

I am scared out of my wits for this procedure. I have been putting it off for years. Always using being pregnant or nursing as an excuse but alas I don’t have either of those excuses so today is the day. 🙁 I am having two removed this time and one is impacted. I’ll just receive a local so I will be “awake” for the procedure. To say I’m a nervous wreck is an understatement!! I’ve given birth naturally with no epidural four times but the thought of getting my wisdom teeth removed makes me want to run a marathon in the opposite direction.

I have confidence the dentist will do an amazing job and I’ll heal quickly. 😉 (Or I can keep telling myself all that and more!)

In different news my six year old had to get glasses this week. Here he is in his new glasses…

20130515-091111.jpgIsn’t he handsome! It is a small prescription and we are really only having him try glasses to see if it helps with his chronic headaches. Hopefully he isn’t rough on those dainty glasses.



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  1. You got this! I had all of mine done at once and I won’t lie, I was scared out of my mind. But the pressure was the hardest part. Make sure you ice real good when you get home and don’t be stingy on the pain meds. If you need them, take them. You will feel so much better once you are all healed up!
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