Totally Tins Tuesday

I’ve seen many Muffin Tin Mondays on blogs I follow in the past. I’ve only attempted my own version one time when my older boys were toddlers. Today I decided to start Totally Tin Tuesday at our house with my younger two kids (ages 3 1/2 & 1 1/2). Mondays are grocery shopping days so having a muffin tin lunch prepared is out of the question but our Tuesdays are free, therefore perfect for tin lunches!

Today when I started preparing their lunch in the tins (that I purchased a while back at Dollar Tree for $1 each) I didn’t have a theme in mind. Once I got it all in the tins I realized we did have a theme…3D SHAPES! My preschooler was able to sit during lunch and tell me what shape the food she was eating at that time was. We also discussed colors because this is something she needs to practice more.

I included these foods in their lunch today:
Ritz Crackers
Cherry Tomatoes
Purple Grapes
Monterrey/Colby Cheese for my DD
Yogurt Cheese (Lactose free) for my DS
Yo’ Drops

Here they are eating their Totally Tin Tuesday lunches….



Have you prepare lunch in muffin tins before? What themes did your kids enjoy most?


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