My mom is my HERO!

20130512-071513.jpgSince becoming a mom I tend to spend Mother’s Day basking in joy (or self pity when in my early mommy days I didn’t feel I was appreciated enough). I want the day to be about me in some way or another. I spend weeks reminding my family that Mother’s Day is coming up and hint at gifts I’d love to receive. 😉

Of course I always send a gift to my mom and my mother in law (cause after all my husband and I wouldn’t be here without them). But this year with my parents living with us it has really made me reflect on how much I love my mom. I don’t think I say it often enough. I truly appreciate all she does for me and my family. She is amazing to me. It hasn’t been an easy journey for us but it was worth the struggles to get to the bliss.

If you would have told my teenage self that I would love and appreciate my mom one day soon after I graduated high school I would have laughed. To say we fought a lot while I was a teenager would be an understatement. I didn’t understand at all where she was coming from or why she did the things she did. (I’m pretty sure these feelings were mutual. haha)

Fast forward a few years when I welcomed my first baby with her in the deliver room coaching me, it hit me… Everything she did was at the best of her ability and for my well being. She wanted nothing more than my happiness in life.

My mom was in the deliver room for the birth of each of my four children. Each time she cried when it came time to push because she wanted to take all my pain away. She cried because each time I mustered up the energy and strength to deliver a healthy sweet baby. She cried because she was so incredibly proud of me.

It was in those moments I realized just how much my mom meant to me. I realized how much she loved me and I loved her. I realized what an amazing mom she is. I realized she is my hero always and forever!



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