Twisted Half Ponytail with a Mini Bun & more…

We are actively trying to grow my 3 year old daughters bangs out because she would prefer to have her hair down most day and with bangs it all ends up in her face. She has let me try a couple new hair styles on her hair the last week that I wanted to share.

Here is what we call a Topsy Turvy.

I just pull half her hair into a loose pony tail then I split it in the middle and push the loose end of her pony tail through the split to make a Topsy Turvy.

This was a cute and quick way to give her a bun without pulling all her hair up. We call it the Twisted Half Pony with a Mini Bun.

I pulled a small portion of the front of her hair up (basically her bangs and the hair down to her ears on both side) into a rubber band on the left side of her head. Then I pulled a little larger section of hair up just behind the first section from ear to ear. I twisted the first pony into the second rubber band and fastened on the right side of her hair. Then I twisted the loose mini pony tail into a bun and wrapped a rubber band around it. Add a tad of Touchable hairspray, a cute clip, and done!




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