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Girls Vegas Trip

I spent the weekend in Las Vegas with some of my best friends. I have been going on weekend getaways with these and other friends for almost 6 years. It is one or two weekends a year when I can let my hair down and just be Lori! Not ‘mom’. Of course I think of my husband and kids often while away and I do miss them but I don’t have to worry about them because they are well taken are of.

It is a weekend full of late night talks, laughing until you cry, enjoying dinner without any messes or spills, getting dressed up for shows, relaxing by the pool and shopping. I LOVE this time spent with my friends because we all live in different states, have kids and busy lives that seclude us from seeing each other more often. It also gives me time to regroup and re-energize as a mom and wife. I go home on Sunday ready to hug my family and tackle the next few months with vigor.


To all of you that are wives, moms or both I highly recommend a weekend like this once a year with your friends. Whether you all travel together to a vacation or travel from different places and meet up somewhere, it is a must for women! (And men…my husband gets his time away too!)

We are already planning next years trip…talking about Chicago or San Antonio!

Do you go on a weekend getaway with your friends? Do you find yourself re-energized at the end of the mini-vacation? What places do you go or things do you and your friends do when you get together??



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