Defying the odds: Birth Story of my Dilly Bug – 6 years ago


Ready for a day at school on his birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

As I lay in bed tonight I think back to this night six years ago… I was laying in a warm bath trying to see if my contractions would stop or ease up. See I had been in preterm labor on full bed rest from 20 weeks along. Hospitalized on three occasions for a few days each time to stop my labor from progressing so my sweet baby could grow more. Finally at 36 weeks they took me off all medications and said “we will likely see you in here having a baby in the next day or two”. I was determined to make it further than 36 weeks so I took it easy for the next two weeks.

At exactly 38 weeks pregnant I began having contractions around midnight. After taking a bath, laying on my left side, and taking another bath I realized I was in labor. Through the night I let my husband and 2 year old sleep while I quietly labored with short bursts of sleep. I knew my husband was due to go to work at 7am so I woke him at 6am and explained that I didn’t think he was going to work today. Instead I needed him to call his mom to come sit with our 2year old so we could go to the hospital.

Fifteen minutes later I was sitting in our dining room trying to patiently wait for my mother in law to come and my husband to get dressed, car loaded, etc. As he walked by with my hospital bag I clenched my teeth and muttered through a contraction “do you think we will be leaving soon because I don’t think we have very long?!”. That put a jump in his step. (**Looking back I realize this was me transitioning.)

What seemed like hours but was really minutes later my mother in law arrived and we quickly explained where food, clothes, diapers, etc were for our sleeping 2 year old. I don’t remember the quick drive to the hospital probably because my contractions had intensified by this point. Arriving at the hospital around 7:30am I decided I could walk and did not want to sit in a wheel chair so my husband was NOT to tell them I was in labor. As soon as we got upstairs, they knew who I was and put me in a small “observation” room to check me.

We had called my mom who was at work an hour away when we left the house and told her to head to the hospital. In a gown and ready to be checked the contractions started coming quicker. The nurse was sure I hadn’t hit active labor yet because I “would have been much more vocal”, so much to her surprise I was 8 1/2cm. She called the other nurses and quickly moved me to a full labor/delivery/postpartum room. During this time I made my husband call my mom to tell her to hurry.

Again this seemed to take hours to get me moved, an iv set up, and the room prepped but in actuality it was maybe 20 minutes. After I was completely moved into the new room my mom walked in and the nurse told me to tell them if/when I felt any pressure. Right then another contraction came, I clenched my teeth and growled calmly “I feel a little pressure”. She waited for the contraction to subside then checked me again, I was now at 10cm and ready to push.

She rushed out to call my OB, then to finish prepping my room for the arrival of the baby. My OB walked in at about 8:20am and jokingly asked if I thought I could deliver this baby before his rounds at 9am…I replied “Yes lets do that!”. With the next contraction he broke my bag of waters. During the next contraction/push I turned to my husband and growled “I don’t ever want to do this again, it hurts A LOT!!” Four more good hard pushes and we welcomed our sweet baby boy at 8:43am. 1-Dylan1 Weighing 7lbs 1oz and 20 1/2 inches our little Dilly Bug was perfect!


Brothers meeting for the first time.

Together he and I had defied the odds of preterm labor/delivery to welcome him when he was completely developed and healthy. We had had a scare early in the pregnancy as well that he may be born with an illness, defect or a stillborn but we had faith he would be just the baby God intended us to raise. He is our unplanned, beautiful blessing!!


D meeting Yaya and his uncle A!

HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY DILL BUG!!!! (He will one day hate us for nick naming him this, LOL!)



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  1. I just loved reading Dilly Bug’s birth story! Hearing mothers share such a beautiful day always makes me tear up!
    Tori Johnson recently posted…Some Things That I LoveMy Profile

    • Thank you Tori! I’ve never written my children’s birth stories but after writing his I can’t wait to write the other three.

  2. How sweet and how hard to go through but all worth your little miracle. Happy Birthday to your son! 🙂
    Alvina Castro recently posted…Project 52: Week 16 (Catching Up)My Profile

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