Things That Change With Each Child

Kids Change Your ParentingSo all of you that have two, or more children I think you will easily relate to this. These moments have trickled up in my life recently and they just make me laugh each time I look back on how we handle situations so differently as parents now that we have four children. We love each of our kids equally and we want them all to be equally healthy but we have learned through trial and error what things require our biggest efforts and what things we can give in a little on. Now I know why they last child of most families is viewed as “spoiled”…because parents adapt and ease up on their parenting techniques with each child.

Here are the discoveries I’ve found in our family…

The bonked head-

  1. First child bonks his head you rush them to the ER.
  2. Second child bonks their head you take them to the pediatricians office.
  3. Third child bonks their head you call the Dr and give them Tylenol.
  4. Fourth child bonks their head, you kiss their boo boo, make sure they are responsive and let them down to play again!

The Pacifier-

  1. 1st child we took the Paci away at 9 months so he wouldn’t get attached.
  2. 2nd child we took it away at 11 months.
  3. 3rd child…we tried hard for three months to get her to take a Paci but she insists on her thumb but we only let her suck it at night and nap.
  4. 4th child still has his Paci at 18months, uses it at night and nap and when sick, no plans to take it away at this point.

Introducing food & sweets-

      1. With our first we waited until he was 6 months before introducing foods and 11 or 12 months before we gave him any sweets.
      2. Our second child was introduced foods around 5 months and sweets at about 10 months old.
      3. Then our third wanted table food as we began introducing baby food around 4 months and ate sweets by 8 months old.
      4. And with our fourth…he never really ate baby food but we introduced table food & baby food around 4 months and he was eating sweets by 6 months old. **Side note: His older sister actually gave him goldfish crackers around two months but we caught her and promptly took the food out of his mouth, which made him mad.**

(When I say sweets I mean the occasional lick of our whipped cream, dab of chocolate off of our finger, and taste of ice cream…we didn’t go hog wild with sweets. LOL)


      1. 1st child slept in our room until 2 months when he insisted on sleeping in his crib alone in his room. I would nurse him in the night in his room in the rocking chair then promptly put him back in his crib.
      2. Our 2nd child slept in our room until 4 months before that he slept in the bassinet next to our bed until he couldn’t fit in it. I would nurse him in our room in a chair and return him to his crib at about 6 months old.
      3. 3rd child… we waited until 6 months to move her to a crib in her own room. I would nurse her in my bed in the night and sometimes take her back to bed and sometimes just leave her depending on if my husband was working that night or not.
      4. But with our 4th well he moved to a crib at 8 months in his room but would wake often to nurse and would end up in our room in the pack-n-play. I always nursed him in our bed and more often than not he would end up staying in our room after eating. He still goes through stages when he wakes up at night hysterical and only wants me, at 18 months, and to keep the house from erupting in wakefulness and for my own sanity I put him in my room to sleep. It bugs my husband but I really just want to sleep, I could give a care less where the kids are sleeping.

It’s amazing how things change with each child. What things have changed for you? Or are you consistent with your parenting through each child born??



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