Fool Me Once Shame On You…

White RoseI’m taking a few minutes to vent in this post so bare with me.

I love volunteering. I have volunteered since I was young…I mean elementary school young when I campaigned/ran for and became the safety marshal for our entire school in third grade. From there I have spent countless hours of my life giving back to the community in big and small ways. I often started volunteering for my own selfish reasons but after a short time realized how much my efforts were going into making big differences for people in the community. As I’ve grown older I have enjoyed getting my kids involved in volunteering.

Now that being said in recent time I volunteered several years of my life to an organization, which shall remain nameless out of respect. I gave up precious family time, took work with me on vacations, answered phone calls or emails at all hours of the day and night no matter the chaos erupting in my home at the time, and traveled away from my family to hold workshops. I loved what I did therefore my efforts never got tiring. Then due to some unfortunate events, (some of which included my husband becoming and remaining jobless for four months), I had to step away from the volunteer work to focus all my energy on my family. This was a very difficult decision for me however I knew it was the right one for us.

I had hoped that in time I could return to volunteering for this organization that I felt had blessed me beyond measure. However after stepping down I began to quickly see a gray side of things from the organization/individuals. Rather than a simple “thank you, you will be missed” (like they had always done in the past for resignations), I received nothing. That made me sad, I didn’t need the recognition or pat on the back but it left me feeling as if I had wronged them. Yet I hadn’t!

Then I saw things go from gray to black. As friend of mine stated this situation perfectly… I find it incredibly ironic that a person/organization that preaches Freedom of Speech to a fault, is incredibly paranoid to the point of blocking a perceived criticism, negative thought or word. Even more ironic, those criticisms/thoughts/words were never going to materialize. Furthermore, the actions the individual/organization has taken make me realize that the choices I’ve made were long overdue!.

I have never wanted anything but the best for the organization. I highly recommend it to others. Never would have thought to bad mouth or degrade them in any way. Yet some in the organization feel the need to try to treat me as if I had done something wrong or that I intend to. I am a genuine person with a heart of gold. I have a lot to offer as a friend, wife, sister, daughter, mother, and volunteer. Sadly I will not be giving any more of my time or efforts to an organization that can treat its former GREAT volunteers with so much hatred! I will take all that I have to give and find an organization that can appreciate what I have to offer.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!Forest

Now is the time to move forward… I have made the most amazing life long friends that anyone could ask for through my time as a volunteer. We are standing tall, heads held high as we walk this journey together.  We will not let this defeat us. We will endure. No matter what we have each other to laugh with about it all in the end, the way good friends should! You ladies know who you are! Love you girls!!

I also have the support and love from my family, friends, and readers!! Thank you all!!!!



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  1. I am so bummed that you’re being treated poorly by others. You have done nothing but pour your heart and soul into that organization. I’m so sad you’re going through this. 🙁 I am so eternally grateful for the connections I made through the chapter you started in Midland. 🙂 THANK YOU!!
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    • I did pour my heart into it and I gained so much more than they can ever take from me, friends! I have learned a great deal through both my volunteer work and the struggles there after. It is not ideal to end things this way but it has made me realize what things I value most. Thank you friend!!


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