Monday Not So Fun Day

After spending Friday at the doctor with my youngest, I spent Saturday sick with the stomach bug along with my three older kids, and Sunday caring for my two middle kiddos who are now running high temps.


Just seems like spring time always kicks my families booty. Consistently over the last seven years since my oldest was born we’ve had the worst illnesses in March and April. This year I was proactive by taking my kids in for well child checks before all the illnesses hit us but it seems the little germ bugs were sneaky and crept their way into our home.


So to the doctor we will go today to have the middle two children checked on. Hopefully I can degermify this house today too and get us all healthy!


Two sick kiddos going to see the doctor today.


Good news here is that the baby is well and (knock on wood) sleeping through the night again…yes he is 18 months, yes all of my other kids slept in their own cribs/rooms through the night since 4 months old, yes I give in to him easily to calm him and not wake the other kids. Now if I could just convince him he doesn’t need his paci.

Thought I’d share something I came across yesterday. It totally sums up the last couple weeks in my house, maybe because we’ve had illnesses, but my guess is it’s just because they are kids. Reasons My Son Is Crying 

My normally very happy and content baby boy toddler has had some interesting reasons for crying recently including (but not limited to):

  • He woke up.
  • He wanted yogurt, I gave him some, he didn’t want yogurt.
  • I told him he can not share germ infested cups with his siblings.
  • He is unable to walk down the stairs like the big kids.
  • I am letting his sister sit on part of my lap.
  • He wants to play outside, in only his diaper, in 30 degree weather and I wouldn’t let him.
  • He wanted to go “bye bye”, put him in the car, then he wanted to go home.
  • I wouldn’t let him run out in the street.
  • I won’t let him throw his food and stand in his chair during dinner.
  • He is afraid the other kids will eat all of dinner before he can get more himself.
  • I told him he can’t have two showers and a bath all today.

What are some of the ‘reasons’ your kids cry?




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  1. I have three boys including a 20 month old so I know how hard it can be when they are all sick! Hope you feel better soon at your house!

    • Thank you! I think we are all finally on the mend! I am loading the kids up on vitamins now to keep us all healthy through the end of the school year.

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