6 Week Weight Loss Challenge: Week 5 Weigh In


I have this post named “6 Week Weight Loss Challenge” however the group of girls I am in the challenge with and I have chosen to add an extra week to the end to help us recoup from spring break and Easter candy. So this is now the 7 Week Weight Loss Challenge, which is a dang good thing because this week was a L A Z Y week for me. I had one sick child after another since last Friday, plus I was ill on Easter. I only worked out twice this week…yesterday and today. Hopefully I can keep the workout momentum into the weekend especially since the kids have a three day weekend with Monday off.

Now for my sad weigh in this week…

My starting weight: 128.4

Today’s weigh in: 122.4

My goal weight: 118

I did not loose any weight this week, but I also didn’t gain any (thanks to the yucky stomach bug I had on Easter). No progress this week and my body is showing it. Things I really learned this week is that no matter what challenge or competition I am in I am ultimately the one who has to be happy with myself in the end. If I “cheat” one day I have to be okay with that, I also have to be able to get myself back on track the following day. I know what weight I am happiest with because it is when I feel the most energetic and healthy, I need to push myself to get to that place and stay there. No one else cares what number on the scale that is for me.

We finished the 30 Days Of Healthy Ways Challenge over the weekend… I slacked off at the end of the challenge and only ended up completing 23 of 30. It’s not bad but it isn’t what I had expected of myself. The next time I do a challenge like this I will try to keep the momentum going throughout the 30 days not just the first half.

How is your weigh in this week? Are you where you had hoped to be? Do you feel healthier?



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