Happiness Is ___________ (Series: Week 9)

I can’t believe we are already in April. Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting has her Happiness Is post up HERE, go check it out and link up too or leave a comment of your #HappinessIs moments this week. Here are me and my families Happiness Is moments from this week.

Happiness Is… Having a lunch date with my pretty girl! She picked a movie and lunch at a diner next door… it was a fantastic way to spend a day with just her!20130403-073605.jpg

Happiness Is… Acting like monkeys at the zoo.20130403-073614.jpg

Happiness Is… Wearing underwear and using the potty like the big boys at 18 months old! (Bittersweet moment for mommy because he is the “baby” and I’m not ready for him to be growing up so quickly!)20130403-073658.jpg

Happiness Is… Watching a new Sea Lion show at SeaWorld while eating Dippin’Dots.


Happiness Is… A surprise egg bomb planned and executed on your dad!20130403-073802.jpg

Happiness Is… Having a date night with my husband at The Melting Pot. He bought me a pretty blue dress earlier in the day that I needed somewhere to wear!


What are your Happiness Is moments? Use hashtag #HappinessIs on twitter or Instagram so we can all share your moments with you!






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