Happiness Is ________ (Series: Week 8)

I have now been linking up with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting for 8 weeks and I have to say that I started with just a few “Happiness Is” pictures to share the  first week but now I have so many to choose from. I think part is because I find myself looking for Happiness Is moments for myself and my family. I also think part is that this series has made me realize there is so much happiness around me waiting for me to just stop and take notice! Either way it is changing my outlook on life each day and making me much more grateful for what I have!

Now onto this weeks Happiness Is moments…

Happiness Is… Wearing sunglasses just for the fun of it! Just call him “Mr. Cool!”.20130326-073817.jpg

Happiness Is… Playing games on Yaya’s (our name for grandma) Kindle in your diaper.20130326-073827.jpg

Happiness Is… Running in the sprinklers! (You know you all have a childhood memory of that!!)20130326-073837.jpg

Happiness Is… Going on a date with my son to the movies and lunch! Plus he even let me go shopping for shoes and a purse….he’ll make a GREAT husband in the far future!


Happiness Is… Getting popcorn and dessert on your date with mom!20130326-073857.jpgHappiness Is… Picking out your outfit all on your own. Plus being ultra stylish with your pick!


What things made you happy this week? Do you find that if you point out your #HappinessIs moments more often then your list grows and grows each time you think about it? I know that has happened to me! Hope you all have lots of #HappinessIs in your life this week!!






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