Easter Egg A to Z Matching Game For Preschoolers

Egg A to Z Matching GameLast year I had seen this post pinned on Pinterest… Easter Egg Letter Matching. I decided that I should do this for my 3 1/2 year old daughter to help her with learning her ABC’s this week.

First I enlisted the help of my toddler and preschooler to find and match 26 plastic eggs for this game.1st Step

Then I marked an upper case and matching lower case letter on each egg.


We had lots of different eggs to choose from, many of which had things printed on them or were in the shape of an animal like a Hippo or Rabbit. I put the corresponding letter on those eggs to further help her recognize not only upper case and lower case letters but the beginning sounds to a word. (We have just accumulated these eggs over the years…not sure what stores they all came from.)

Rr (Egg Game)Tt (Egg Game)

Then I took all the eggs apart and placed them in a bucket. She worked her way through the bucket matching the upper case with the lower case letter on each egg.

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Once she was done matching an egg she placed it in a freezer bag so we could play it again and again.Egg Matching Game Fun

With a full bag in hand you can see how proud she was herself for completing this game! (Mommy was happy because she is learning while playing this game!)All Done

During the game we talked about each letter sound and words we know that start with the letter. We decided that later this week we will find an object that begins with each letter on the egg to place in them. Have you tried any fun activities like this with your kids? I’d love to hear about it so I can try it too!



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  1. I made these easter eggs letter matching game with my munchkin last year too! It is fun for him to try letters in a different way
    Alvina Castro recently posted…Easter Fun RoundupMy Profile

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