Witte Museum & Roller Skating: Spring Break Fun

Witte Museum: Dinosaurs UnearthedSkateland West Fun

My in laws shared the same spring break week as us so they came into San Antonio (all the way from NW New Mexico) for a visit from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday morning. I had originally planned to use our season passes to go to the Zoo on Thursday  and Sea World on Friday but after hearing and seeing the lines just to those parks I decided to change that plan up a bit. Instead we visited lots of places in San Antonio over the two days!

I had read a couple blog posts about the new dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum; here, & here. I decided we would get a jump start on the crowd by going as soon as they opened on Thursday to check it out ourselves.

We were greeted by a very nice Witte Museum employee telling us about the membership to the museum. I decided it would be well worth the money spent to get all of the added benefits of a membership and signed up on the spot. That sent us straight to the front of the line!

My children, in-laws, and I really enjoyed the Dinosaurs! There were interact Ipads available that we all used. The children were also able to try their hand at being paleontologists, which was a hit! There is so much to see I could go on and on but check out the pictures we took…

After all the fun with the dinos we ventured over to see the other parts of the Witte Museum. Here a few pictures from the fun we had.

After spending over 2 hours at the museum we headed out for some lunch and roller skating. I had read reviews online the night before to find the best place in town to roller skate. We went to Skateland West. Great things about them; very reasonable prices, no charge for non-skaters, clean, and fun! It was all those things and more!

I originally didn’t pay for my 1 year old son but after finding out they had a pair of small skates for him I paid and he skated with me. My oldest has really taken to skating so he loved every minute of it. The middle two kids struggled but with some help they did get to skate some and watch all the fun games the skating rink did with the crowd!

If your looking for some fun activities to do in San Antonio I would recommend both the dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum AND Skateland West!! I think we will be holding our oldest son’s 8th birthday at that skating rink!!

**These views are completely my own! I had no compensation. I am just a mom enjoying the sights and sound of my city with my kids!**



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  1. looks like lots of fun and a one year old on skates is priceless!


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