Happiness Is ___________ (Series: Week 7)

It’s Wednesday which means it is time for the Happiness Is ___________ Series with Lisa at Crazy Adventures in Parenting! PLUS a special shout out to my dad who’s birthday is today…Happy Birthday!!

Happiness is…sitting with your big brother and sharing a laugh!20130319-203528.jpg

Happiness is… lounging around with my little family watching a movie together.20130319-203537.jpg

Happiness Is… having your oldest brother read you a book. (My kids really enjoy reading to each other and I love finding them reading together!)20130319-203544.jpg

Happiness Is… spending some one on one time with my baby boy!


Happiness is… playing ring around the rosy with your brothers before bedtime.


Happiness is… racing dad home from school.


Happiness is… helping mommy with clean the dishes.


Happiness is… FaceTime with my nephew, sister and brother in law in Ohio!!!! (Here is my nephew showing us his room!)


What Is Happiness to you? Link up with Crazy Adventures in Parenting, share you Happiness Is moments in my comments, or use hashtag #HappinessIs on Instagram and Twitter for us all to see!





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