Austin Trip with Ikea Finds: Spring Break Fun

To start our spring break off with a bang we drove up to Austin for the weekend. The weather was gloomy all weekend but we managed to have fun and eat good food regardless of the weather!

We headed straight to IKEA when we got to Austin however it was very busy and there was a waiting line for the play area so we decided to come back on Sunday. Instead we went over the the Round Rock Outlet Mall to see what deals we could find! We scoured some pajamas for the kids for next winter along with a GREAT new tea cup for me!


After shopping we checked into our hotel and went swimming! We spent hours swimming, jumping, and swimming some more. (The boys were practicing their Azul Jumping techniques so they can be in the SeaWorld Azul show when they are older.) We had planned to head out for dinner but after all the swimming we decided to get take out and veg around the hotel in our pj’s!


We woke up Sunday, ate at the hotel and headed to Ikea. The time change had us off a little but we had no where to be so we just enjoyed our day. The three older kids played in the IKEA’s kids area while we browsed for an hour before picking them up and then spending another hour showing them around IKEA.


I must say it I LOVE IKEA!! Here are the few of the things we found…

After IKEA it was still rainy out so we slowly made our way home. Stopping at Steak n’ Shake for a delicious lunch and shake!

It was the perfect way to spend our first weekend of spring break!

**These views are completely my own! I had no compensation. I am just a mom enjoying the sights and sound of my city with my kids!**



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