Laser Tag: Spring Break Fun

SA Laser TagMy kids and I met up with other San Antonio mom bloggers and their children at Hardberger Park one day during spring break for a game of laser tag provided by San Antonio Laser Tag. This laser tag was not your typical game of laser tag. This was unique in that there were no vests that had to be worn, you didn’t have to play in the dark, and therefore kids of all ages could play.

The children were given a laser gun (either red or blue), that was charged, armed and ready to go. Then the kids are instructed to aim their guns at the opposite color teams guns and shoot. They had a little button on the gun they pushed a few times during the game to get more ammo. The groups playing were given a section of the wooded park to which they could hide, run and shoot their guns. Simple enough!

During the first round my two older boys, ages 7 and 5, played as well as their younger sister who is 3. We took a break to let a different group play a round and to give us a chance to get some water and a snack. When we went back for their second turn there was an extra laser tag gun ready to go and my 1 year old son wanted to give it a try so we let him. HE LOVED IT! He could toddle along side the big kids and shoot his gun. This was a huge thrill for a little brother that loves to keep up with this three older siblings.

After we were done I asked my children what they thought of this laser tag vs. other laser tags they have done before. Here were their responses:

My oldest (7years old), “This was so much fun mom! I loved that we could run, hide, and even climb trees while playing laser tag. The bigger kids were showing us how we could sneak up and shoot the other team. It was easy to use and I liked it more than the laser tag we did for my birthday last year.”

My 5 year old son, “I had a BLAST! The guns were easy to shoot. I even helped Kaed when he came to play with us. When can we do this again?”

From my daughter (3 years old), “I had fun mommy! I was shooting my brothers when they were the blue guys and I was a red guy with another girl on my team!! I want to do this again with our whole family!”

I asked how many stars they would give this activity (5 being the most and 1 the least) and they all said 5 stars!! My boys both requested this as the activity of choice for their next birthday party.

As a mom I enjoyed that I could keep an eye on them the entire time they played laser tag. I didn’t have any whining or crying because “only the big kids got to play” like so often happens. I had no idea what to expect when we were invited to play laser tag at the park but I was pleasantly surprised! My 5 year old will be turning 6 in April and I have already decided we will be surprising him with a Laser Tag birthday!!

ALSO the possibilities with this are endless. As we drove away my kids were asking what places you could choose to play this laser tag, when I explained they could choose just about any park or open space they were thrilled with the endless possibilities this holds! This laser tag would be perfect for a family reunion, sports team party, class party, birthday party, youth group, playgroup, just a day of fun, and so much more! I could see adults and children alike enjoying this game for all occasions!

I highly recommend San Antonio Laser Tag!! You can find more information about San Antonio Laser Tag’s packages and details on their website and Facebook page

ALSO, as my readers you can get 30% off on any package that San Antonio Laser Tag has to offer just be telling them you found the discount on my blog when you inquire!! How is that for an awesome deal!?!



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  1. I didn’t realize your youngest is only one. He plays like a big boy. Glad you all had fun.

    • Yes he jumps in there with the big kids. He really does think he is much older than he actually is. I just wish someone would remind him that he is the ‘baby’ and I’m not ready to have him be a big kid yet. 😉

  2. I’m very glad the kids had fun! Look forward to do you next birthday party!

  3. sad I missed the fun that day. Looks cute!

    • I missed getting to meet you. If you get the chance to try this laser tag out with your kids I highly suggest it!!

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